Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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Two of a Kind


two of a kind smith 8-20two of a kind denvit 8-20Aldon Smith, a San Francisco 49ers linebacker, won’t be returning to the field anytime soon. He was let go from the team after his most recent arrest on Aug. 7. Santa Clara Police nabbed him after a hit-and-run, also booking him for DUI and vandalism. He posted his $26,000 bail and was released the next day.

Though completely opposite in looks, this Des Moines resident has plenty in common with Smith. Melanie Denvit, 38, was also booked for leaving the scene of an accident and an OWI, as well as reckless driving on Aug. 8. Her bail was set at $2,905.


CrimestoppersCrimestoppers 8-20 1

This information was obtained from the Polk County Crime Stoppers website. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Des Moines Police Detective Bureau asks that anyone with information on the location or identity of this suspect call 515-283-4864 or The Polk County Crime Stoppers anonymously at 515-223-1400.

Prep Iowa

The Des Moines Police Department Detective Bureau is asking the Greater Des Moines area to be on the lookout for Raymond Shorter, 19, and the three other suspects pictured in the photos. The suspects are wanted for questioning in connection to a second-degree robbery on July 1 at a convenience store. The police are asking anyone with information about the crime or the names and locations of the suspects to contact the Des Moines Police Communications Center at 283-4811 or anonymously contact Polk County Crime Stoppers at 223-1400.


Blotter — Des Moines

Don’t piss off the cab driver

A local cab driver reported a robbery inside his vehicle on 22nd Street around 4 a.m. on Aug. 15. The victim was sent to the 1700 block of Lincoln Avenue to pick up the suspect who, upon arrival to 22nd Street, took a box cutter to the victim’s throat. The suspect demanded money and the driver offered up the $180 cash he had on hand, but still felt his life was threatened. He pushed the knife away, cutting his finger, and the suspect fled on foot down the street. The driver followed him in the cab, hitting the suspect with the passenger side of the car and damaging the side mirror. The suspect ran between houses and the victim called the police. The number used to call the cab belonged to a friend of the suspect who said the suspect lived on Kingman Boulevard near 23rd Street.


Time to find better hiding spots

A young man reported a burglary from his house on Aug. 6, when he noticed a cut in his bedroom window screen and many items missing from his home, including an Xbox 360, a Michael Kors silver and gold watch and a woman’s Louis Vuitton purse, containing her debit and credit cards, her social security card, a $2,000 check and $500 in cash. The victim later called police to tell them someone tried to use the woman’s information to open a bank account at Wells Fargo on East Ninth Street.


Right in the kisser

Des Moines Police were dispatched to the Southeast 14th Street Walgreens after the store reported an attempted robbery at 3:24 a.m. on Aug. 6. A woman was working the front register when the suspect came up to her and said, “Let’s do this.” The suspect was described as a white male in his 20s, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He covered his face with a blue sweatshirt, and kept his arms inside his sleeves, as if holding a weapon. He insisted the cashier open the register when a customer realized what was happening. The customer walked right up to the suspect and punched him in the face, scaring him out the door and across Indianola Avenue. Nothing was taken from the store, and there are no suspects at this time. CV


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