Monday, May 23, 2022

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Cops responded to a fight around 1:45 a.m. on Nov. 3 at Scores Sports Bar, 2335 Hickman Road. Upon arrival they discovered a man on the ground in the parking lot bleeding from the face and ears. The bar owner said the victim had gotten belligerent in the bar and thrown out, but he did not stop being a problem. Witnesses saw him get “sucker-punched” and his head stomped while he was down. His vehicle was subsequently impounded. Police inventory discovered marijuana, drug paraphernalia and a pill in the car along with a Polk County permit to carry a concealed weapon and several guns.


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The victim returned to her residence at the 300 block of Watrous on Nov. 6. She called police when she discovered items had been stolen from her home sometime during the day while she was out. Items reported missing included a $50 gun cleaning kit, two $50 buck knives, a homemade antler-handled knife, a .22 automatic long rifle, five bottles of perfume valued at $300 total and miscellaneous jewelry. Investigations continue.


The victim was at home at his home at the 5800 block of Southeast Eighth Street on Nov. 5 when he heard a noise outside. He discovered two men inside his vehicle, who fled on foot. He caught one of them after about 30 feet and was detaining him for police but let him go when the suspect said he was shitting himself. His pants were falling off, which caused a liquor bottle to fall out. During the scuffle, the suspect pulled his pants back up and swung a skateboard at the victim, so the victim punched him in the face. The suspect was gone by the time police arrived but was discovered down the road at Hobby Lobby. He was arrested for second-degree robbery due to the victim reporting $160 stolen from his car. CV

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