Monday, November 29, 2021

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Des Moines Police
Oct. 4 – 10


A 38-year-old drunk man was robbed on Oct. 6 around 6:30 p.m. while trying to make a purchase at a store at the 2100 block of University Avenue. The clerk told police the man stood in front of her counter with a wad of money in his hand when another patron grabbed the money and ran out the door. While the cops were taking the clerk’s statement, the man fell off the stool where he was sitting and landed face first on the ground, police reported. He was taken to the hospital for his face wounds.



Prep Iowa

A 30-year-old woman was fighting with a former roommate over past due rent money at the 1000 block of 27th Street on Oct. 6. She admittedly got in the suspect’s face demanding he pay her what he owed. That’s when he allegedly head-butted her in the face, breaking her nose. She refused medical treatment but requested a warrant for the ex-roommate’s arrest for assault causing injury.



A Des Moines man told police that while he was serving a 16-day sentence in Polk County Jail between Sept. 12 and Oct. 4, someone had “cleaned him out.” He came home to find the back door to his house at the 1500 block of 23rd Street had been pried open and several items were missing. He said his neighbors told him they’d seen a girl he knew only from a one-night stand come to the home while he was away. The items allegedly stolen include: an $1,800 HDTV; a $500 sound system; a $1,500 projector TV; a $900 laptop; a $5,000 cross-country bicycle; and several Marilyn Monroe collectibles of an unknown value and a bottle valued at $20,000. He said it also appeared the suspect had cooked meals on his stove. CV

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