Sunday, March 26, 2023

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3 free ways to maximize your Facebook



For all the criticism Facebook has received over the last year, it is still one of the easiest ways to connect with your customers. Here are a few lesser-used features that can help you show up better and connect in new ways:

Use Your Feelings – Your business can have feelings, too. If you use the “Feeling/Activity” feature on occasion when you push out content, it will provide more personality to go with whatever information you’re trying to get out there.

Host a Facebook Live – Even if you do not have a large group following along on the live coverage, it gets you good video content that people can find later.

Milestones – 10-year anniversary? Make a Milestone! A Milestone is a special kind of Facebook post. It allows for a larger image, specific date (you can back date them), and for telling a story.
Not only will this help differentiate your content, these Facebook features expose you to potentially new user groups. ♦

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