Friday, May 20, 2022

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Battle of Good vs. Evil


Whether you’re looking to save the day or vanquish your enemies, it’s always more fun with friends by your side. Suit up in your favorite costume and invite friends and family to join you for the Battle of Good vs. Evil: Super Hero 5K Fundraiser.

“The story of good vs. evil is the oldest story there is,” said Desiree Fletcher-Hayes, owner of

The Battle of Good vs. Evil 5K will take place Sept. 13 at Toad Valley in Pleasant Hill.

The Battle of Good vs. Evil 5K will take place Sept. 13 at Toad Valley in Pleasant Hill.

Anytime Fitness of Altoona. “People can relate to superheroes and villains both. We’re always inspired by the hero that swoops in and saves the day.”

No matter what side you choose, be prepared to put your superpowers to the test while performing fantastic feats.

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“Gaining and/or maintaining good health is a battle for many: a battle to stay motivated, fight temptation, fight against apathy, fight against giving up,” Fletcher-Hayes said. “In that spirit, we wanted people to start to recognize that they all have ‘super’ capabilities to overcome many obstacles. They just may not realize it.”

The best way to truly test your grit as a superhero in training is an obstacle course. There will be obstacles for the 5K course as well as the half-mile unified course (for individuals with special needs and kids 9 and younger).

“There will be climbing walls, a water obstacle that must be crossed on a bridge made of inner tubes, tunnels, log carry and more,” said Fletcher-Hayes.

These days it seems like superheroes and villains are unavoidable. They are quickly becoming (in the right hands) box office gold while maintaining a strong presence on television, video games and (if you’ve forgotten) comics.

But these days, it seems like it’s almost easier to see the villains of the world.

“The world is in constant crisis. Riots, shootings, natural disaster, crazy politicians; people are looking for hope in all aspects of life, even their entertainment,” Fletcher-Hayes said.

As for why superheroes are so popular right now, the answer is straightforward for Fletcher-Hayes.

“Superheroes are super cool,” she said. “They don’t go out of style. With computer animation, green screens and phenomenal actors, it’s never been a better time to be a superhero/villain.”

Hosted by Anytime Fitness and Toad Valley Golf Course, this event is a fundraiser supporting Shoes that Fit, Iowa Donor Network, Train to Inspire and the Des Moines Van Ministry.

Whether you decide to fight for truth and justice or take the more mischievous route as a villain, all are welcome to show what they’ve got on the obstacle course. Participants are encouraged to dress up as their favorite character and enjoy an exciting day with friends and family.

And don’t worry, you’re not the only one who can’t decide which power you want.

“I’d want them all,” said Fletcher-Hayes. “But, mostly the ability to fly with super strength. And, be able to turn invisible or shape shift.” CV

Sunday, Sept. 13
Toad Valley Golf Course, Pleasant Hill
Cost is $45
The unified course will begin at 8:30 a.m., and the 5K course will begin at 9 a.m.
Registration is open through race day. Visit for more information.

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