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Amateurs and Pros take aim in archery


The legendary Classic 300 Archery Tournament is coming to Hy-Vee Hall, March 1 - 3.

The legendary Classic 300 Archery Tournament is coming to Hy-Vee Hall, March 1 – 3.

Take a deep breath. When you reach into your quiver to grab an arrow, all your cares slowly drift away. The memory of losing hours upon hours at summer camp begging the counselors for just one more shot meanders across your mind as you set your feet according to the shooting line. It’s just you and the target, 20 yards away, a mere second for some. Drawing back the string as you raise your bow, tension, anticipation, fear and ecstasy boil up at once in your chest. You then release and exhale.

If this scenario piques your interest, then get ready for the Legendary Classic 300 Archery Tournament presented by the Mid-Iowa Archers and Hoyt Archery. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had little or no experience with a bow and arrow, because all are welcome to compete. Kids as young as 8 will be stepping up to the shooting line to demonstrate their skills and form lifelong memories of archery.

The Legendary Classic 300 Archery Tournament is a three-day, Las Vegas-style, 300-round tournament. Curb those thoughts of bright lights, gambling and short men passing out baseball cards from an escort service, because that’s not what we’re talking about here. This is a fast-paced tournament where competitors will take a lot of shots in a short amount of time.

This single-round event consists of 10 ends, three arrows per end, for a total of 30 arrows. There is a two-minute time period for each end, and the archers must shoot their assigned targets. For those worried about being rushed, remember that it’s about 40 seconds per arrow — plenty of time to draw back and set your sights. If assigned to the upper target, the archer will shoot in that direction for the first five ends, then alternate to shoot the lower target for the remaining five ends, and vice-versa. Shooting distance is 20 yards using the Vegas three-spot (triangularly arranged) or one-spot indoor targets. Cubs (ages 8-11) will shoot at 10 yards.

Due to the recent success of the “Hunger Games” series and movie, as well as Pixar’s “Brave,” there will no doubt be many kids and teens clamoring for this competition. But there will also be a separate division for professionals to compete for the top spot against some of the best archers in Midwest.

Along with separate divisions for amateurs and professionals, men and women, kids and seniors, there is also freestyle and bowhunter freestyle divisions, which are defined by the equipment used. Freestyle simply means that any type of sight and its written memorandum may be used, and any release aid may be used as long as its hand operated, supports the draw weight and is not attached to the bow. Bowhunter freestyle is more restrictive about which sights may be used, and no adjustments may be made to the bow and its related equipment unless there is equipment failure.                

The point of the day is to have fun competing with other archery enthusiasts. There are strict rules against unsportsmanlike behavior, and anyone who breaks those rules will be disqualified immediately. No reason for a bad William Tell to spoil the bunch. So whether you’re a longtime professional or new to the sport, set your sites for the Legendary Classic 300 Archery Tournament, where the only thing more epic than its name is the time to be had. CV


Amateur Tournament Entry Fee is $10, and cubs (kids age 8-11) are $5. You can sign up as many times as you’d like ($10 each time), but only the first round of shooting will be considered for awards. Professional shooter Entry Fee is $50.                

Lane reservations can be made by phone or e-mail before 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 27. After that, reservations must be made in person at the Iowa Deer Classic.                

For tournament questions or additional information, email, or call (319) 232-0218.              

No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the range area.

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