Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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Des Moines Fire Station Receives Donated Cardio Equipment from Local Planet Fitness


Front Line Responders Gain Better Access to Fitness Equipment for Optimal Performance in the Line of Duty

[Des Moines, Iowa – June 26, 2024] – Thanks to Planet Fitness Des Moines, firefighters in the city will now have more options to help them on their fitness journey, which is a crucial part of their daily job in responding to emergency situations. Their productivity greatly depends on their conditioning in order to optimally perform their duties.

“From the design of our fire stations to the gear our firefighters wear and our peer fitness programs, the Des Moines Fire Department is invested in the long term health of our firefighters who are dedicated to serving our community. This exercise equipment donation will provide a long lasting benefit for several of our stations as our firefighters work to maintain their physical health and reach their fitness goals,” said Des Moines Fire Department Chief John TeKippe.

Planet Fitness is donating cardio equipment including ellipticals and arc trainers for the first responders’ usage. The Des Moines Planet Fitness, located at 3405 SE 14th St, Des Moines, IA 50320, had almost 50 pieces of cardio equipment available for donation, with the fire department accepting 8 machines total—5 ellipticals and 3 arc trainers.

“Our team embodies the spirit of strength and community by providing fire stations with the tools they need to protect and serve, proving that a commitment to fitness can ignite change beyond the gym. We plan to continue to be stewards of our community by supporting the mental and physical needs of heroes in our hometowns,” said Julian Moss, District Manager of Planet Fitness Des Moines.

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On behalf of Planet Fitness Des Moines, Fire Captain Chad Smiens will deliver all donated equipment and distribute among five of the fire stations and their training and administrative building.

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