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#25for25 Campaign Supports Iowans and Local Non-Profit Mission


AMES, Iowa (May 1, 2020) – The nine-week campaign, called 25 for 25, features 25 Iowa artists, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Each week, three of these vendors are featured and their products are promoted on social media and our website.

Here’s how it works: Anyone interested in purchasing the promoted items pays $25. The Iowa Able Foundation splits the proceeds with the vendor, and the item purchased is mailed directly to the donor’s home.  

“This win-win situation benefits everyone,” said Anna Magnusson, Iowa Able Foundation executive director. “The donor gets to make a tax-free donation while buying a great product, local vendors are supported by the community and Iowa Able gets to continue supporting our most vulnerable population.”

Vendor, Shelley Jaspering, participated in week one of the campaign. 

“I’ve enjoyed being part of 25 for 25,” Jaspering said. “It’s kept me busy and distracted from the stuff that’s going on right now. I like to help organizations that help people like me, that are disabled because many of us are low income and need assistance. I didn’t know a lot about the Iowa Able Foundation until Anna Magnusson came around. Since then, it has seemed like a lot of changes are happening to improve the organization. I’m excited to see the different programs Iowa Able can offer.”

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

Visit to view the latest vendor options.

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