Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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Q/A with local author Jan Walters regarding Christmas morning memories and vampires in Des Moines….


According to her friends, local author Jan Walters is an independent, creative writer. She loves to laugh and bake, and the central Iowa resident — she grew up on the east side of Des Moines — is supportive and loyal. 

CV: What is the best gift Jan has received?

JAN: The year I turned 13, my Christmas wish was for a hand-held transistor radio. As I opened my gifts, there was no radio.  When I opened my last gift, I saw a doll — a bridal doll with a frilly white dress. I hate dolls!

CV: But the season wasn’t yet finished. 

JAN: The next morning, I spotted a small box under the tree. My grandmother smiled and nodded. It was my radio! It had a leather carrying case. I still remember the smell of that leather. The sound of rock music put me to sleep for many years.

Prep Iowa

CV: Thank goodness for grandmothers! What is the favorite sentence of the popular local author? 

JAN: “Because, Officer O’Shea, I believe there is a vampire in Des Moines.” 

This sentence lays the foundation for Red Sunset Drive. Just because this isn’t New Orleans, doesn’t mean Des Moines can’t have vampires roaming the streets.

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