Saturday, May 21, 2022

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A School of Wizardry Opens in Iowa!


The first Harry Potter novel was released in 1997, and Iowa muggles ever since have yearned to attend their own school of wizardry. Alas, there have been no schools this side of the ocean—until now. Word is that on May 18 and 19, a portal will open to allow common muggles (that’s nonmagical folk, for those not in the know) an opportunity to learn the ways of wizards.

The portal will transport wannabes to the Kingdom of Wizardry. There, they will participate in quests, learn battle skills, attend Quidditch demonstrations, and be immersed in classes, hanging out with fellow wizards.

Why is the portal opening now?

Up until recently the good wizards of the world have been able to keep the dark forces in line. However, these dark forces have been growing in power—
the good wizards need reinforcements to stave off the growing evil and need even the help of muggles if they are to succeed.

Who is behind this nefarious plot?

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It seems that a mysterious wizard known only as Lord Darkstone has put the Kingdom into a state of fear. He seeks power above all else and has gathered many black-hearted allies and minions to serve him. Many have fled to the magic school, seeking safety and desiring only to fight back and reclaim their lands. The Gatekeeper, a wizard with the ability to travel between worlds, fears even the famed might of the magic academy won’t be enough to stop Lord Darkstone. The Gatekeeper is reaching out to the human world, seeking brave souls who believe in magic who will come to his aid. He is prepared to teach them the mystic arts at the Kingdom of Wizardry if only they will help defeat Lord Darkstone.

Who might want to attend?

The Gatekeeper is seeking lovers of magic in general, and in particular fans of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the Magicians, Narnia, and other fictional wizards of lore. The school is open to all ages, with classes designed for ages 8 and older. There is also a pub and an adults-only potions mixology class for older wizards who wish to attend the Kingdom of Wizardry.

What will the day entail?

First-year students will choose from three departments: Mind School, Physical School, and Nature School. Once they have chosen their course of study they
will be given a schedule of three classes. Each class is approximately 20 minutes long, which leaves plenty of time for extracurricular activities. Students may go on a variety of quests, ranging from assisting professors to racing brooms. (Think of it as extra credit!) The Iowa State Quidditch team will be on hand to demonstrate how quidditch is played and to scrimmage with first-years. Students will also be coached by elves and dwarves on how to defend the Five Realms, learning archery and axe throwing. At the end of the day students will be awarded with their first-year graduation certificate. There are more surprises, too. But what if I don’t have a wand or a robe? The Kingdom of Wizardry offers shopping for every student’s wizarding needs, including potions and baubles and more. It’s hungry work learning the magical arts, and fortunately there are many tasty treats to fill the belly—topped off with a tankard of buttered beer from the Frothing Mug. Adult beverages and mixology classes will be available at the Black Cauldron.

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