Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Human Resources

Prep for the Interview!


Ok, you made it to the interview. Now what? Your winning resume and perhaps a telephone interview have gained you entry into the potential employer’s office however the actual interview is a more subtle, subjective aspect of the job-hunting process. During the interview, each person you meet will be forming an opinion of you and gauging your compatibility with the needs of the organization and, more importantly, your ability to work with them within that role. You need to be sincere, polite and enthusiastic about your knowledge of their company and the industry. Your resume may well have shown examples of your skills as a team player, but now you need to convince them that you fit their team. To make the best impression you can, be prepared, know what to expect and know how to handle yourself if things don’t go quite as you had planned.

Stephanie Cox is a Direct Hire Recruiter at Aureon HR. You can reach her at 515-221-3233 or stephanie.cox@aureon.com.

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