Friday, October 7, 2022

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The New York Times recently released rankings for the states most passionate about college football and, with two major conference teams and dedicated fan bases, Iowa came in at fifth-most passionate…

Proving once again that love hurts.

A student at an Iowa elementary school may be in trouble after he brought a .22-caliber bullet to school and traded it for Pokemon cards…

School officials determined the child made an innocent mistake but are still considering punishment because for a live round of ammunition, the kid should’ve at least held out for a Pikachu.

Ford has begun production on their new aluminum F-150 pickup trucks…

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa (Oct)

Critics are skeptical of the lighter construction, so Ford has announced unsatisfied buyers can return the aluminum trucks for a 5 cent refund — 10 cents in Michigan.

And, last week marked the first official “Farmer Wave Week” across the state and Iowans were encouraged to present the steering wheel salute to oncoming drivers…

Apparently the farmer wave isn’t unique to Iowa, though. Another group is taking credit for inventing the one-finger salute: New York City cab drivers. CV

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