Friday, May 20, 2022

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It’s official, daylight saving time has come to an end and the days are getting shorter…

Hopefully everybody remembered to set their microwave clocks back an hour from blinking 12:00 to blinking 11:00.

Farmer and heartthrob Chris Soules was seen in Iowa recently while shooting for the upcoming season of “The Bachelor” …

Soules said when he wants to impress a lady back on the farm, all he has to do is take her out to the machine shed and show her his implement.

An Iowa town may ban pets from city parks to reduce the amount of dog waste left behind…

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

The mayor said he delegated this controversial issue to a committee because he’s stepped in it one too many times.

And all through October there was much anticipation for the big night, when people put on masks pretending to be somebody else, freaks go out knocking on doors and beg, and many end up sick to their stomachs…

But, finally, the mid-term elections are behind us. CV

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