Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Some Iowa men recently saved the life of a 10-point buck after they found it trapped in a sinkhole on their farm…

After the deer recovers from the scary incident, the lifesaving farmers said they’ll be anxious to sneak up on the deer and kill it.

Political activist and real estate magnate Donald Trump will visit West Des Moines for a fundraiser in support of Congressman Steve King…

When asked what first drew King to Trump’s politics, the Congressman fought back tears and said, “He had me at birth certificate.”

The Iowa State Cyclones debuted new gold football uniforms, and the color scheme sparked comparisons to famed spokesclown Ronald McDonald…


Players said they didn’t see the resemblance, but did express concern that the enormous red shoes would slow them down.

And a new pot dispensary known as the Iowa Marijuana Company appears to be nothing more than an Internet hoax…

When investigators showed up to one of the supposed locations the owner said, “Yeah, of course it’s a hoax. You’re not going to look in the back, are you?” CV

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