Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Vice President Joe Biden visited Des Moines recently to help promote a voter turnout effort led by Catholic nuns touring the country on a bus…

Biden said he hasn’t been on a bus that full of single women since campaigning with President Clinton in 1996.

A routine inspection at a north central Iowa prison turned up a large stash of illegal drugs…

How the drugs entered the facility remains uncertain, but officials have begun probing the inmates for clues… The warden admitted visitor searches at the prison have become a bit lax over the years, and promised they’ll be more anal in the future.

Pizza Hut is launching a new low-calorie pizza that is made with less dough and toppings…

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

The leftover dough and toppings from the “Skinny Slice” pizza will be stuffed into the crust of their new “Fat Guy” pizza.

And, a man is recovering from minor injuries after he was shot in the buttocks outside a Des Moines neighborhood barbershop…

The man said he’ll never go back to the shop again because he specifically told the barber he only wanted a little off the TOP!

Luke Casey is a central Iowa comedian, the host of Good Night Iowa and a Cityview contributor. Follow on Twitter @GoodNightIowa and @LukeCaseyShow for more and check out his original videos online at:

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