Friday, August 12, 2022

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The Iowa Department of Natural Resources reported the state’s pheasant population is higher than normal…

Officials said migration patterns over Colorado might be to blame.

A former librarian in southwest Iowa has been charged with stealing from the library where she worked…

A district judge threatened to throw the book at her, but none were left.

After it was revealed Templeton Rye, the supposed Iowa craft whiskey, is actually distilled at a factory in Indiana, company owners said they’d update their product’s labels…

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

They don’t think the change will impact sales, though, since the only part of the bottle their most dedicated customers pay attention to is the bottom.

Gov. Terry Branstad announced Iowa will host the National Governor’s Association Conference in the summer of 2016…

Branstad said he wanted to host the 2015 conference, but wasn’t sure if his friend Rick Perry would be out of prison in time to attend.

And this year’s edition of the Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts the winter ahead will be bitter and cold in Iowa…

So I guess that means Hillary Clinton is going to campaign here this time around.

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