Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Buying that special geek the gadget he or she’s been wanting


It’s that time of the year again, the time of gift-shopping and joy. Buying something for that special someone is usually pretty easy. Most people know enough about their recipient to get them a movie or book — something that they’ve mentioned while shopping at the mall. But what do you buy for a geek? Geeks don’t shop at the mall!                 

If you know any geeks, the trouble will be avoiding buying something they already have. Check their collections for any missing items and coordinate with others so you don’t both buy them the same video game. Geeks are also fans of expensive things, and those price tags can be prohibitive. Tell them you’ve been considering buying a new gadget and want them to show you around the mall to get an idea of what they approve of. For some people that technique works with clothes, but for geeks, it works with gadgets. It may be tacky and impersonal, but gift cards aren’t a terribly bad idea either. At least knowing where they shop is a step in the right direction. Buying someone an Amazon gift card is bound to get the reaction, “You know I shop at Amazon! How thoughtful!” Other easy, yet thoughtful gifts include XBOX/PS3 subscription cards or Netflix/Amazon Prime.                 

For all the geeks out there, be sure to set up public wish lists on sites like Amazon, so you can publish it on social networks or give to your family. Remember to be reasonable. Your significant other may not be able to buy you that iPad or Nexus 10, or they might buy you the wrong one. Obviously the whole idea of telling people what you want defeats the purpose of the gift, but we all know that it’s better than the alternative — that proverbial ugly Christmas sweater. CV

Robert Anhalt is Director of Content at Geek Speak Forum and contributes to Cityview.

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