Saturday, May 21, 2022

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Financial Strategies

“Financial Wellness” …UUGGGHHH Not again!


President, AIF

If you own a company or reside in the C Suite, you have been bombarded by your benefits provider with the term “Financial Wellness.” You hear the same old story about how financially stressed employees are costing you profits by way of low productivity, increased healthcare costs, turnover and absenteeism. They cram statistic after statistic down your throat such as at least five percent of your payroll is lost to financial stress and that 42 percent of employees report that they would do a better job for their employer if they didn’t fret about the bills for more than four hours a week at work. You have even experienced it personally as you watch older employees struggle to retire and younger employees pine about making ends meet.

So wait …why haven’t you implemented a low or no cost program that could improve workplace productivity and drive increased profit and employee moral?

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