Monday, September 27, 2021

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The Waverly mixes up more than cocktails


Most everyone who’s looking for a new bar adventure is seeking something that sets one apart from all the others. Sports bars and dance clubs are a dime a dozen — and that’s fine — but the only way to survive in a saturated industry is by being different. Even a small difference can make a big impact.

The Waverly offers a different experience from the average bar.

The Waverly offers a different experience from the average bar.

At The Waverly, that impact comes by way of convenient food. This Ingersoll pub wants people to know that its kitchen remains open until the doors are locked, each and every night. Take one glance at The Waverly’s Facebook page and you’ll see that message over and over again, a constant reminder of what makes this place different.

And that’s a good thing. If you’ve ever worked late and found yourself in the struggle of meeting your friends out somewhere, only to find the first three places have closed their kitchens, you understand why all-hours food service is a big deal.

Sure, not everyone is looking to snack after 10 p.m., but skipping dinner and heading out for a night of binge drinking is Lesson No. 1 in Things You Did in College and Instantly Regretted. When you think about it, the folks at The Waverly are just helping their customers be responsible. It’s a courtesy, really.

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The Waverly also has a solid menu of beer and wines. Affordable prices range from $3.75-$6 for draft and bottled beer and $6-$8 for a glass of white or red wine. In fact, everything on The Waverly’s menu is affordable, the most expensive item being a Cheese Shop Plank for $15 and consisting of a selection of cheese paired by The Cheese Shop and accompanied by bread from La Mie and imported prosciutto and peppercorn mustard.

The food menu is somewhat confused as to what type of restaurant it’s trying to serve — options include salmon cakes, mussels, wings, an Irish salad and Guinness Mac. It’s hard to call it American or classic bar food, but the range of offerings makes it appealing to a wider audience, as one guest can eat a simple order of chicken strips while the other enjoys mussels and pan-seared shrimp in Bushmills Alfredo.

IMG_7501The bar’s atmosphere has an understated but familiar vibe to it. The unassuming exterior might not pique your interest as you’re driving down Ingersoll, but the patio is roomy and has an unobstructed view of the neighborhood. Inside, hardwood floors and windows every few feet make The Waverly feel warm and inviting. Booths line one wall, and tables fill the rest of the space.

The bar itself isn’t all that large, and the seats will start filling up even faster once the weekly comedy shows and concerts begin, according to general manager Dave Chornuk. Comedians such as Willie Farrell will be performing on Wednesday nights, and live music will begin on Thursday nights soon as well.

Live entertainment — combined with the small number of TVs — at The Waverly ensures customers actually have to talk to their companions, which is also a welcome difference from the typical bar.

The Waverly has taken extra lengths to differentiate itself among the growing list of metro bars — and so far, it’s working. CV

The Waverly
2120 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines
Mon. – Fri. 4 p.m. – midnight
Sat. noon – 2 a.m.
Sun. noon – 9 p.m.

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