Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Our readers’ best shots photo contest


Photographers call it “having the eye.” It’s a unique look at the mundane; it’s seeing things others might disregard, viewing something that is too often mistaken for normal, ordinary or commonplace. But with a tilt of the head and a squint of an eye, that otherwise average observation shows itself as the rarity it is, as a work of art that can be captured just right. Some are blessed with this gift — “the eye.” They see the world around them from an enlightened angle. A photograph is an artist’s desperate attempt at capturing the beauty and intrigue of reality, a fleeting moment bottled to be preserved and cherished like a treasure in a package to be shared.

Here are a few examples from otherwise ordinary, everyday Cityview readers who took their “best shots” for our annual photography challenge. Only a handful of entries were chosen for print. Below are 18 of our favorite photos (in no particular order). View all photo submissions HERE, and take a moment to peer at the world from outside the window looking in.

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