Thursday, December 8, 2022

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Winners of Cityview’s Bartender’s Ball Announced!


Cityview’s inagural Bartender’s Ball yielded fantastic results from the local nightlife crowd. About 250 people showed up to honor their favorite local service industry personnel. Nearly 500 were nominated by readers for this first annual contest. Here are the results of the awards ceremony that took place at The Venue at Court Center on Sunday night, Aug. 25. Congratulations to all.

King of Bar Scene
Eric Hartung
Ryan Breckenridge
Bruce Huckfeldt

Queen of Bar Scene
Brittany Herdaez
Kristin Elliott
Lani Warne

Prince of Bar Scene
Kyle McClain
Brett Wilkins
Paul Richter

Princess of Bar Scene
Jaime Niblo
Kyla Bowen
Ashley Vobril

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Best Dressed
Joe Wells-The Exchange
Noah O’Toole- Garden
Sara Hayes-Phil’s Bar & Grill

Least Dressed
Kristin Elliott-Beer Can Alley
Billy Porter-LeBoi
Stevie Lee Hobbs-Blazing Saddle

Favorite Cocktail Waitress
April Gaxiola- Mickey’s DT
Valerie Strait-Hessen Haus
Jessica Scott- Saints

Favorite Male Bartender
Bruce Huckfeldt- Mickey’s DT
Grant Todahl- Toad’s Tavern
Austin Rogers-Heroes

Favorite Female Bartender
Kristin Elliott-Beer Can Alley
Sarah Duberstein- Toad’s Tavern
Makenzie Risbeck-Blue Moon

Favorite Promoter
Amedeo Rossi- DMMC
Tony Rose- Function House
Derek Knudsen-BCA

Most Likely to Lock Themselves in a Cooler
Joel Patton-The Standard
Rachel Mitchell-Hessen Haus
Jake Masolini- Mickey’s DT

Most Likely to Hook Up in the Office
Ryan Breckenridge- Brecks
Stef Smith-Wellman’s West
Matt McCauley-Tonic

Bar Gypsy
Sam Burt
Tanya Miller
Brittany Herdaez

Bar Star
Shocky Mishler
Sid Juwarker- Brecks
Travis Betten-The Standard

Favorite DJ
DJ Brett B
DJ Coach G
DJ Raj

Favorite DJ (non DJ)
Derek Knudsen-Beer Can Alley
Chuck Rice- Mobile DJ Studios
Eric Marshall- Wellmans

Favorite Local Artist or Duo

Favorite Solo Artist
Brad Seidenfeld
Andy Strong
Chris Ranallo

Favorite Celebrity of Guest Bartender
Andy Fischer
Jordan Giesemann
Joe Koebke

Favorite Liquor Sales Representative
Kris Miler- Johnson Brothers
Marcia Ortner- Wirtz Beverage Group
Allia Janning- Southern Wine & Spirits

Most Likely to Work Hungover
Matt Long- Yankee Clipper
Derik Doherty- Derry’s Lounge
Chad Lauritsen- Kippy’s Place

“The “”Dalton”” Award”
Charlie Jilek- Wellman’s Ingersoll
Eric Williams- Mickey’s Clive
Ruben Johnson- Johnny’s Hall of Fame

Favorite Beer Sales Rep
Gregg Mooers- Doll
Matt Bock- Iowa Beverage
Pat Roach- PBR

Most Likely to Walk Out on a Bar Tab
Andy Larson
JD Nelson
Justin Berkley

Favorite Brunch Bartender
Albert Kundakian- Americana
Chance Hulten- Cab Co.
Sara -Jethro’s

Favorite Patio Bartender
Bruce Huckfeldt-Mickey’s DT
Chris Mendenhall- Saints
Stacy Chapman- Trophy’s

Favorite Wine Expert
Curt Turner- Vintage Wine
Ben Nelsen-Splash
Mike Crownover- Django

Favorite East Side Bartender
Grant Todahl- Toad’s Tavern
Penny Peterson- Ron’s Dawg House
Rita Stevens- Cheap Seats

“The “”Journeyman”” Award”
Brett Bockman
Ben Giller- Johnny’s Hall of Fame
Jason McKenney- The Point

Favorite LGBT Bar Bartender
Nathan Ritz- Garden
“Bryan “”Stinky”” Smith- Blazing Saddle”
Noah O’Toole- Garden

Favorite Sunday Funday Bartender
Sid Juwarker- Brecks
Tommy Tavegia- Hessen Haus
Brian Meiners- Yankee Clipper

Favorite Dive Bar Bartender
Guapo- Carl’s Place
Ernie Shilak- Shorty’s
Desiree Johnson- E 14th Street Tavern

Favorite Restaurant Bartender
Scott Woods- Buffalo Wild Wings
Chance Hulten- Court Avenue Brewing
Jorge- Mi Mexico

Favorite Des Moines Mixologist
Shannon Emerson- Alba
Brian Edwards- Dos Rios
Jake Neiderhaus- Court Avenue Brewing

“The “”Brewmaster”” Award”
Kevin Hall- Court Avenue Brewing
Brandon Criger- 515 Brewery
RJ Tursi- Exile Brewery

The Sam Malone Lifetime Achievement Award
Eric Hartung- Brecks
Rusty Jones- Garden
Jay Ratzlaff- Mickey’s DT

Favorite All Around Bar Staff
Toad’s Tavern
Mickey’s DT
Beer Can Alley

Most Likely to Pad the Tip Jar
Shocky Mishler
Kelly Powers- Fongs
Tim Hartman- Lucky Monkey

Favorite Cougar
Annie Baldwin
Memorea Schrader
Nikki Brinkman

Favorite Silver Fox
Tony Rose
Todd Millang
Joe Koebke

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