Sunday, July 3, 2022

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Cover Story

2013 Summer Arts & Entertainment Guide


People in their truest state are more like animals than we’d like to admit. As we stir from our comatose winter slumber and crawl from our dark couch caves for an almost orgasmic post-hibernation stretch; and after we rub our sandy eyes so they may adjust to the bright and colorful world that has bloomed almost overnight and scratch ourselves in unspeakable ways, we realize in our most primal sense that we’ve never been so thirsty. So we go looking for a drink… and then our friends.

Winter has melted away, and spring has flung, fueling us with fresh energy and now summer is a seductive temptress just outside the window. What will we do with all this energy we’ve stored? Play a game? Go for a run? See a show? Attend a festival? Buy some art? Become an artist ourselves? How about dance to some music?

We bring you 100 pages worth of ideas in our annual Summer Arts and Entertainment Guide. You’re sure to find something fantastic to do with that precious time before the inevitability of nature bring us back down from our high so we may start the cycle all over again. Ladies and gentlemen, we only get one summer of 2013. So make the most of it, and enjoy it while it lasts…






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