Monday, March 27, 2023

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Who writes those funny signs every week on the interstate?

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you probably do… You’ve seen them: those big electronic message boards displayed across the interstate on your morning commute to work. It displays the grim number of traffic-related deaths so far this year, and then… a punny saying.

“I scream. You scream. We all slow down.”

“Get your head out of your apps.”

“Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa. Drive safely.”

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa (March)

The conversation-starting — and sometimes eye-roll-provoking — sayings rotate weekly as part of the Roadside Chat program, hosted by the Iowa Department of Transportation’s public information campaign, “What Drives You.” It first launched as Message Mondays back in 2013, then was moved to Fridays in 2021 in order to reach drivers on the highest fatal crash days of the week (Saturday, Friday and Sunday, in that order).

The program relies on submissions from everyday Iowans, so what are you waiting for? Visit to submit your message for consideration. Highway messages are limited to 54 characters, or 18 characters across three lines. They must be related to traffic safety, of course, and are encouraged to focus on one of the program’s four areas of emphasis: (1) buckle up, (2) slow down and drive chill, (3) drive sober and (4) pay attention.


I don’t follow pop culture very much, but I always hear about the Grammys around this time. How many awards do they give out each year?

There will be 91 Grammys (named after the gramophone) awarded this year. At the first ceremony in 1959, there were 28 awards handed out to stars like Ella Fitzgerald and Perry Como. The Grammys found its start during the Hollywood Walk of Fame project, when its committee members realized many important artists would be excluded from the Walk. Since then, there have been around 9,000 Grammys awarded across a plethora of categories. While most people are aware of the Big Four awards recognizing the Record, Album, Song and New Artist of the Year, there are several more categories recognizing spoken word, video game soundtracks, album notes, comedy albums and more.

Fun fact: The winningest female artist of all time is Beyoncé with 28 Grammy Awards. The overall record is held by conductor Georg Solti with 31 awards. And with 22 awards, U2 has won the most Grammys among musical groups.

The 65th Grammy Awards will air live on Sunday, Feb. 5 from Los Angeles.


I’m disappointed my business couldn’t be nominated in CITYVIEW’s Best Of Des Moines® awards. How do I get a category added?

If you believe you or your business doesn’t align with any of the 277 existing Best Of Des Moines® categories, email your suggestion to for consideration in future polls. Be sure to read through our current awards carefully — if you fall into one of those categories, we encourage you to call on your customers and friends to vote there, instead. Please note that we only include categories we believe will receive an adequate number of votes for multiple local candidates. ♦

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