Monday, July 4, 2022

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Posted June 20, 2022in Stray Thoughts

It’s wrong to tell parents what their kids can read

Here we are, well into year three of the effects and after-effects of Covid.  An oft-heard comment during this time has come from people who believe government should simply butt [...]

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Posted June 13, 2022in Stray Thoughts

Like it or not, we are all in this together

What is happening to us? What passes for public discussion these days certainly is not civil or thoughtful. Nor is it really much of a discussion. If you read the [...]

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Posted June 06, 2022in Stray Thoughts

Our nation needs to focus on the greater good

Middle ground seems to have disappeared in the United States, and that’s unfortunate. These days, there’s no appetite for the give-and-take that leads to compromise. Regardless of the side you [...]

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Posted May 23, 2022in Stray Thoughts

A question for the archbishop: W.W.J.D.?

Officially, bishops and archbishops in the Roman Catholic Church have one boss, the pope. Of course, their ultimate authority figure is Jesus. That’s why many Catholics and non-Catholics have been [...]

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Posted May 16, 2022in Stray Thoughts

We are tired of waiting for our leaders to lead

Aaron Salter Jr., 55, was on duty at the security job that supplemented his retirement income. Ruth Whitfield, 86, was buying groceries. Celestine Chaney, 65, stopped in for strawberries for [...]

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Posted May 09, 2022in Stray Thoughts

Recent news has been hip-deep in irony

Irony has been so deep in recent days that we shouldn’t be surprised if people start walking around with their chore boots on or with the cuffs on their pants [...]

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Posted May 02, 2022in Stray Thoughts

This lawsuit needs sunshine, not secrecy

The legendary U.S. Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis once observed, “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.”Brandeis was not talking about everyday cleaning around the home. He was [...]

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Posted April 29, 2022in Stray Thoughts

Abby’s rhetoric was embarrassingly misguided

A common refrain from Democrats during Donald Trump’s years in the presidency was that he was undermining public trust and confidence in our courts with his talk of judges being [...]

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Posted April 29, 2022in Stray Thoughts

Is it OK for teachers to push some views?

I’m confused.  Some of our political leaders seemed to be talking out of both sides of their mouths about why it is wrong for public school employees to engage in [...]

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Posted April 21, 2022in Stray Thoughts

Iowa is losing its way on our public schools

By Randy Evans This is one of those times when people who have little appetite for politics need to pay attention — because a big change is coming that many [...]

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