Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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Meet Nimona. She’s a firecracker of shape-shifting energy, so eager to prove herself she ends up causing mayhem and disaster wherever she goes. She wants to shake things up, try something new and win the day, even if it means breaking the rules. In spite of her chaotic tendencies, she’s loyal, fierce and an absolute blast to read.

By Noelle Stevenson 272 pp HarperCollins $12.99 July 12, 2015

By Noelle Stevenson
272 pp
July 12, 2015

In this delightful, action-packed and hilarious mishmash of science fiction and fantasy tropes, Nimona forces her way into the lair of a supervillain, intent to become his sidekick. Her mentor and maybe-not-so-evil supervillain, Lord Ballister Blackheart, is determined to expose the machinations of the Institute of Law Enforcement and has no time for children, even those who morph into sharks and dragons to get his attention. It doesn’t help that the organization’s chief hero is his former best friend, Sir Ambrose Goldenloin. These two have a complex backstory and long-standing grudge. Nimona’s explosive presence quickly changes everything, and it’s not long before she becomes a trust and vital part of Blackheart’s crusade.

Every now and then I come across a book I wish would have been around when I was younger. I get this weird feeling that as much as I love it now, it would have changed my life back then. This is a heartfelt, somewhat sideways story that makes you think about things in a new perspective, re-examining villainy, heroism and what it means to save someone. CV

Dear Santa: I would like new headphones, a pair of unicorn slippers and about 14 extra bookcases. A vacation would be nice; somewhere with many books and warm sunshine. Yours truly, Julie. Happy Holidays!

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