Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Book Review

‘The Cat Bacon Cookbook’


The Internet may be composed of bits of code and bytes of data, but it is built on bacon. Bacon cake, bacon

‘The Cat Bacon Cookbook’ $26.99 Bacon Bad Publishing 4/1/15 123pp

‘The Cat Bacon Cookbook’
Bacon Bad Publishing

beer, bacon laced with extra bacon, bacon shirts that proclaim an undying love for the crispy goodness, bacon candy, even Kevin Bacon. No corner of pop culture remains untouched. But have you seen the price of bacon lately? It’s more than $5 a pound. Do the math. At this rate, if you’re a bacon lover like many of us are, you eat yourself straight into the porkhouse.

But never fear, good Americans, researchers are on it. In a recent study, scientists have found a substitute for traditional pig bacon in the only other thing the world may like more than bacon — cats. With memes aplenty popping up every day — Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat, LOL cats — feisty felines saturate the Facebook pages and Twitter feeds of users everywhere. So why not combine the two and make the ultimate in Internet foodstuffs — cat bacon. Crispy and delicious, this alternate source of everyone’s favorite meat candy is now available at a store near you. Pick up this book to help you make all your favorites such as I Can Haz Bacon Cheeseburgers, Cat Bacon omelets and C.B.L.T.s (Cat Bacon Lettuce and Tomatos). How about some tasty Kitty Bacon cupcakes? Just like the popular desserts — except made from real cats. Help your family’s food budget and feel like a hipster all at the same time. APRIL FOOLS

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