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Jasper Winery: a whole wine experience


A calm getaway can sometimes be hard to find here in Des Moines, but just a few blocks off Fleur Drive, Jasper Winery offers guests a break from the city life.

All the wine produced through Jasper Winery comes from Jasper County grapes and Des Moines production.

All the wine produced through Jasper Winery comes from Jasper County grapes and Des Moines production.

A few open acres of fields and prairie allow guests to enjoy wine in the great outdoors, whether they host their own event or attend the winery’s summer concert series. But on a cold winter day, guests and staff alike can be found enjoying the wine and cozying up near the fireplace or chatting with friends at the sampling bar.

Jasper Winery offers guests more than just a glass or bottle of wine — it offers a whole wine experience.

Guests can walk in anytime to buy or sample any of the winery’s many different homemade wines. Or to get a more personable experience, visitors can make reservations for a VIP tasting session that includes wine, cheese and chocolate for just $15 per person.

Jasper Winery found its home here in Des Moines — and in the winery business — from the family’s love for new adventures.

The winery is a family business owned by Paul and Jean Groben, originally from Jasper County (more specifically: Newton, Iowa). The Grobens first began making wine on a whim in 2000, and it turned into a passion.

“Jean and Paul loved growing things and gardening. They’re outdoorsy folks and decided to grow some grapes,” said Katie Bradshaw, manager of Jasper Winery.

Mason Groben brought his expertise to his family’s hobby in 2003 after attending the University of California, Davis. He graduated, in simple terms, with a major in wine making and helped launch the start of the family business.

From there on, Jasper Winery grew from a family hobby to a growing business. The Grobens opened a new winery building near Gray’s Lake in the summer of 2008, getting a taste of the ever-growing winery business and revival of downtown Des Moines.

All the wine produced through Jasper Winery comes from Jasper County grapes and Des Moines production.

“People come here because they’re interested in local,” said Bradshaw.

The Jasper wine is made from local grapes and is made here in Iowa. Bradshaw noted that is what Iowa wineries are all about.

There are more than 65 wineries currently registered with the Iowa Wine Growers Association, and only one of those is located in the heart of the metro.

“We’re the only place to get the whole winery experience in Des Moines,” said Bradshaw.

Jasper Winery hosts events for private groups, along with opening up to Wine and Canvas. Wine and Canvas is a business that hosts art classes throughout Des Moines over a glass of wine or a martini.

Jasper Winery has centered its focus on wine, but the Groben family has continually been up for new adventures. Mason Groben also opened Madhouse Brewing Company in Des Moines to try his hand at beer making. Beers made at Madhouse Brewing Company are also served at Jasper Winery, for those looking for something other than wine. A homemade hard cider, made from Iowa apples, is also in the works at Jasper and is scheduled to make its debut in late February. CV

Jasper Winery

2400 George Flagg Parkway
Mon. – Sat. 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sun. 1-5 p.m.

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