Monday, March 27, 2023

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Is your business protected from fraud?


When it comes to your business, security is a top priority. Consider these five tips to help limit fraud exposure.

1. Two-step verification – Using two authentication methods, performed one after the other, helps verify someone requesting access.

2. Employee education – Training your employees to spot and report fraudulent emails protects your business’s network, information and funds.

3. Payment validation – Products like Bankers Trust’s Positive Pay reduce fraud by validating checks or ACH transactions presented to your account.

4. Alerts and controls – Alerts notify you when a payment has been made or your balance has changed. Dual controls give you an extra layer of control by requiring two admin approvals of transactions.

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa (March)

5. Card security – Purchasing cards allow for more control of where and how much your employees spend.

With these five tips, you can improve your business’s financial security and reduce the risk of fraud. ♦

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