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Posted July 20, 2020in Guest View

How many friends do you have?

How many friends do you have? Thousands? If you are on Facebook, you may have close to 5,000 friends and tens of thousands of more “friends” via Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat [...]

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Posted July 17, 2020in Just Released

Soldiers’ Angels Commits to Providing COVID-19 Support for Duration of Pandemic

The national nonprofit organization Soldiers’ Angels commits to continue its widespread support of service members and veterans, and their families, as portions of the country are facing a second wave [...]

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Posted July 15, 2020in The Culture Buzz

Greetings, Cultural Catalysts:

The Covid-19 pandemic persists. Find ways to culturally and creatively continue explore. Please be safe and wise if you have to venture into public areas. Respect how you can protect [...]

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Posted July 14, 2020in Stray Thoughts

Threats won’t end people’s virus anxieties

Give an extra tug on your seatbelt. The next couple of months will be rough ones. The new school year starts in a few weeks. Not surprisingly, with the coronavirus [...]

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Posted July 13, 2020in Just Released

PRESS RELEASE: Polk County Public Works Department

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Posted July 10, 2020in Just Released

City of Waukee Asking for Public’s Help in Conserving Water

Waukee, Iowa—In the midst of a very hot, dry summer, Waukee is experiencing significant water usage by residents and businesses with rises in the amount of water used for irrigation [...]

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Posted July 07, 2020in Just Released

State Awards $2.6 Million in Catalyst Funding to Rejuvenate Downtowns Across Iowa

The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) today announced that $2.6 million in Community Catalyst Building Remediation grants have been awarded to 26 Iowa communities. The Community Catalyst program was initiated [...]

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Posted July 07, 2020in Stray Thoughts

Many could be honored who aren’t traitors

The sun was drooping close to the tree line as the day wound down in southern Pennsylvania eight years ago. A retired U.S. Army officer, now a historian, led a [...]

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Posted July 06, 2020in Just Released


The Iowa Craft Beer Tent has announced it will host the Butter Cow Festival on Friday, Aug. 14 and Saturday, Aug. 15 at the Lauridsen Amphitheater at Water Works Park. [...]

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Posted July 06, 2020in Guest View

Life is a puzzle

Don’t give in that you cannot do any better. You can do better if you put your mind to doing better. If you give up then you don’t have a [...]

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