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Posted October 31, 2012in Guest Commentary

Jerry and Casey had it right about 2012 campaign

Those looking for a way to summarize the 2012 political campaigns from the local to the presidential level could do worse than to quote President Gerald C. Ford when he [...]

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Posted October 31, 2012in Recent Posts, Sound Check

CD Reviews

Bat For Lashes ‘The Haunted Man’ Parlophone Bat For Lashes is naked on the cover of her new album. If that was the best (or worst) thing about the album, [...]

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Posted October 31, 2012in Your View

comments from our readers

Thanks for remembering Des Moines’ history Thank you so much for the piece in this week’s Cityview on streetcars in Des Moines (Civic Skinny, Oct. 18). They are a fascinating [...]

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Posted October 31, 2012in Joe's Neighborhood, Recent Posts

Two rose tattoos

There is certainly an Iowa morality. Right? You know the basics: Don’t toot your own horn when you win an award for best stocker at Hy Vee; don’t yell at [...]

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Posted October 31, 2012in Sound Stage

The Wallflowers

“You can’t go home again.” Thomas Wolfe said that eight decades ago. Since then, you wouldn’t exactly need an abacus to count the number of bands that have tasted the [...]

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Posted October 31, 2012in Center Stage, Recent Posts

‘Evil Dead’ goes musical at Stoner Theater

The story of Candarian demons taking over Stoner Theater just in time for Halloween isn’t quite the zombie apocalypse hardcore horror fans are preparing for by hording canned foods and [...]

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Posted October 31, 2012in Duffy

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Posted October 31, 2012in Book Review, Recent Posts

‘A Christmas Home’

Courtesy of Beaverdale Books Review by Harriet Leitch Crown Publishing Group Oct. 30, 2012 $16 240 pp “A Christmas Home” is a short, easily-read book. Although it is written for [...]

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Posted October 31, 2012in On The Tube, Recent Posts

Reality stars with calculators

‘Start-Ups: Silicon Valley’ features nerds on the move Bravo usually focuses its reality series on good-looking socialites or business people. With “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley” (Monday, 9 p.m.), the network has [...]

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Posted October 31, 2012in Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Des Moines

Amount: $336.24 To: Language Line Services (Dallas, Texas) For: Payment for over-the-phone language interpreting services for five Spanish-speaking customers and one Swahili-speaking person (309.1 minutes total, including $30 for domestic [...]

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