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Posted July 10, 2013in Sound Stage

Some notes on 80/35

It’s safe to say that Annalibera got its 80/35 slot on the strength of its Gross Domestic Product performance in April. It’s also safe to say that it made the [...]

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Posted July 03, 2013in Sound Stage

A bunch of dicks

When does musical parody gain legitimacy? Spinal Tap was created for a comedy sketch, and I don’t think Michael McKean, Christopher Guest or Harry Shearer would classify themselves as a [...]

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Posted June 26, 2013in Sound Stage

Summer in the city

Ah, summertime in the city. Easily the greatest thing about the capital city’s hot and steamy months is all the live music that can be enjoyed outdoors — and often [...]

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Posted June 19, 2013in Sound Stage

Good neighbor policy

Saturday at Gas Lamp was an evening highlighted by two Iowa bands with an awful lot in common. Dylan Sires and Neighbors and Holy White Hounds are both purveyors of [...]

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Posted June 12, 2013in Sound Stage

Shabby royalty

“I listen to the tramp, tramp of my feet and wonder where I was going and why I was going.” Bart Kennedy said that back when he was fighting and [...]

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Posted June 05, 2013in Sound Stage

Punk on tap at Gas Lamp

One thing Gas Lamp co-owner Frankie Farrell prides himself on is establishing the venue as your go-to place for punk rock in the capital city. Whether it is quality regional [...]

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Posted May 29, 2013in Sound Stage

This is not a concert

The beginning of Andrew W.K.’s set at Vaudeville Mews served as a microcosm for the evening as a whole. “How you all doin’ tonight?” came the call from the speakers. [...]

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Posted May 22, 2013in Sound Stage

Keepin’ the Pace

Any enlightened and humble musician — regardless of age or background — must at some point come to acknowledge that no matter what genre he or she claims, there is [...]

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Posted May 15, 2013in Sound Stage

A High water mark

After watching four of the capital city’s female songwriters perform solo on the Ritual Café’s stage just a couple weeks ago, I’ve had the good fortune of catching two of [...]

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Posted May 08, 2013in Sound Stage

Poseur to punk in 120 minutes

Former Misfit Michale Graves performed a set at Vaudeville Mews on Thursday, May 2, and opening for him were three Iowa acts: Des Moines’ own Die Mutts, Switchblade Saturdays and [...]

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