Friday, August 12, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in…City of West Des Moines


(paid during the week of Sept. 17)

Amount: $381.57

To: Action Print

For: Cost to print “Illumifest” magazine inserts.

Amount: $2,816.10

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

To: Ahlers and Cooney P.C.

For: Payment for services rendered and costs advanced through Aug. 19 for labor relations (12.5 hours).

Amount: $1,402

To: Bright and Clear Solutions Inc.

For: Payment for window cleaning services at City Hall for the month of May.

Amount: $14,932.32

To: Baker Ballistics, LLC (Landcaster, Penn.)

For: Purchase of rifle shields, lights, cases, armor, harnesses, etc. for the police department ($14,417 to be paid from the 2012 JAG Grant. Remainder to be paid from General Expense Account).

Amount: $437.00

To: Brownells Inc.

For: Purchase of Firearms maintenance and supplies, such as magazine glocks, handcuff keys, blue pistol bench blocks, etc. ($13.95 in freight fees).

Amount: $241,706.46

To: Bravo Greater Des Moines

For: First quarter payment for the cost to distribute funds to the various members of the Cultural Alliance as per contractual agreement.

Amount: $435.24

To: Chicago Tribune

For: Payment for one-year subscription renewal of the Chicago Tribune.

Amount: $1,600

To: Richard Doggett of Doggett Properties

For: Payment for October’s rent at two West Des Moines residences through the Human Services Department ($875 and $725, respectively).

Amount: $141,225

To: Emergency Vehicle Sales and Service

For: Purchase of a 2012 Life Line Type 1 Modular Ambulance for West Des Moines Emergency Medical Services.

Amount: $4,473.75

To: CTI Ready Mix, LLC

For: Purchase of concrete for Grand Oaks Drive and Jordan Trail.

Amount: $26,399.38

To: EMC Risk Services

For: Payment for workers compensation claims ($23,457.70) and third-party administration fees ($2,941.68) for the month of August.

Amount: $4,375

To: Metro Tours (Prior Lake, Minn.)

For: Purchase of 25 bus, tickets and hotel (at $175 each) for a Twins and Vikings Weekend getaway through the Parks and Rec. Department.

Salaries and Such

Name Mark Farley

Title University of Northern Iowa Head Football Coach

Department University of Northern Iowa Athletics

Years served 11 years as head coach

Annual salary $276,883.35



The Des Moines City Council recently approved City Manager assistants Laura Graham and Kandi Reindl, to travel to Phoenix, Ariz., from Oct. 6-10 to attend the 2012 International City/County Management Association annual conference. The conference promises to provide access to an abundance of educational, information-sharing and networking tools that is said to assist in managing local government. This trip comes at a cost of $1,718.32 per employee.

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