Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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ONLINE Elementary Adult French (A2.3)

online www.theatremidwest.org/online-rsvp.html, Online

Des Moines European Heritage Association invites you to explore the French language during this 12-week online French language course for adults (starting Tuesday, August 31, 2021) No class on 10/19 and 11/23. During each 90-minute session, you will have the opportunity to learn language for everyday life and explore culture, all the while developing proficiency [...]


Cultural Sustainable Tourism (CST) – 3rd Edition

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Experiencing the stories, culture and heritage of the past and present is the spirit of cultural tourism, creating and providing a sustainable environment for both the locals and the visitors is what sustainable tourism attempts to achieve. Travelers who aim to recreate cultural experiences, spend more time and money at their destinations more than other [...]


Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Conference

online www.theatremidwest.org/online-rsvp.html, Online

This conference is a step towards empowering decision-makers and energy stakeholders to join forces and proactively address the challenges of climate change so that actual progress can be achieved. By bringing together researchers who are working on topics relevant to climate change and environmental sustainability to share their latest accomplishments and research findings, voices can [...]


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