Saturday, May 21, 2022

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Posted March 02, 2022in Your Neighbors

A passion for turning pages

“I’ve always liked reading,” says Hunter Gillum, which is an obvious understatement. Almost every room in his house has books in it. Some of those rooms have multiple shelves of [...]

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Posted February 02, 2022in Your Neighbors

Perched atop ‘Piety Hill’

Once upon a time, toward the beginning of Des Moines’ timeline and very near what is now the city’s heart, a cluster of churches once stood around the space still [...]

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Posted January 05, 2022in Your Neighbors

Living the American Dream while uneasy about a nightmare in Afghanistan

From a rural village to Kabul to Johnston Once upon a time and a half a world away, there was a little boy in rural Afghanistan named Nabi Mohammadi. It [...]

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Posted May 05, 2021in Your Neighbors

Tina Powell has two houseboats

Why does Tina Powell own two houseboats?  This is a reasonable question, according to Powell, who readily admits that possessing a pair of floating homes wasn’t the original idea. Instead, [...]

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Posted March 31, 2021in Your Neighbors

Meet Dana Lain

Aquarium supervisor at Blank Park Zoo helps to combat Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease. “Big Momma” was a 330-year-old underwater giant coral mound. It thrived for centuries near Fort Lauderdale, [...]

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Posted March 03, 2021in Your Neighbors

Don’t look back

“I’m a dedicated and fun-loving mom,” beams Jennifer Glissman, 32. But then she pauses and steadies herself as her smile fades. Life hasn’t always allowed her to like who she [...]

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Posted January 06, 2021in Your Neighbors

All hands on deck!

Brett Hopper joined the Navy for two simple reasons: “to serve his country and see the world.” Originally from Altoona, the 2016 graduate of Southeast Polk High School went on [...]

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