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Posted November 02, 2016in Cover Story, Feature 3

Colonial Revival: Des Moines’ Witmer house comes full circle

It was the 1960s. We had a big car and a small house. That helps explain why driving around the city was one of our family’s favorite pastimes. Perhaps we [...]

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Posted August 10, 2016in Feature 1

Iowa State Fair Music

It’s time to turn up the volume and dance away the calories consumed in the fried Twinkie you enjoyed at the Iowa State Fair. It’s August again, which means it [...]

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Posted August 10, 2016in Feature 2

Corporate art

American Enterprise Group (AEG) reopened its historic Sixth Avenue headquarters last year after a long $30-35 million restoration of the original Gordon Bunshaft building. The famous architect’s design featured two [...]

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Posted August 10, 2016in At Home With

Lauren Chorpening

Sitting on the north side of the Sherman Hill neighborhood, the old brick building looks like all the other brick buildings. The prewar victorian style resonates up and down the [...]

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Posted August 09, 2016in Collections & Hobbies

Digital can’t compare

“Excuse me, sir. Do you mind if I take your picture?” If you asked filmmaker Kristian Day three years ago if he’d be taking photos of strangers smoking on their [...]

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Posted August 09, 2016in People & Pets

Friday and Enzo

They greet you with wagging tails and curious eyes. Enzo, a French bulldog and labrador mix, is right by the door, stalling any move to enter. Friday, a purebred English [...]

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Posted August 09, 2016in Your Neighbors

A little ditty about Jim and Diane

Four years ago, Richard Bywater moved into the house next to retired couple Jim and Diane Baker. A first-time homeowner and a student at the time, Bywater didn’t know what [...]

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Posted July 27, 2016in Cover Story

Dead tired
Not getting a good night’s sleep isn’t just harmful to your overall well-being — it can be deadly, too

Todd Rullestad was used to getting the elbow in the middle of the night from his wife, Ashley. Not an accidental, rollover tap, but the “You’re snoring, wake up, stop [...]

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Posted July 06, 2016in Homepage Cover Story

Your complete guide to who’s who, what’s where, and when you can see it

      It is time once again, boys and girls. Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, the 80/35 Music Festival has returned to Western Gateway Park. For two days [...]

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Posted June 29, 2016in Cover Story, Homepage Cover Story

Our look at the day, the declaration, the people and the promise of our American scripture

Odd as it may seem, the first published news about the Declaration of Independence and our glorious Fourth of July was the top “Twitter” post of 1776. In 13 words [...]

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