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!@! Boxing-TV Canelo vs Saunders Live Stream Reddit Online

May 8 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

With Canelo Alvarez deep into fight week as he prepares to tackle Billy Joe Saunders, a fight which can be seen worldwide on DAZN except in Mexico, one of his great rivals is still without a fight.

Gennadiy Golovkin shared 24 stunning rounds with Canelo when the pair clashed in 2017 with the bout going to a controversial split draw. Most boxing pundits felt Golovkin had done enough to get the nod. They met in a rematch one year later with Alvarez winning via majority decision.

But the powerful Kazakh’s ring return is still unconfirmed. After steamrolling Kamil Szeremeta at the backend of 2020, Golovkin’s name has been linked to a number of fights with Jermall Charlo, Chris Eubank Jr, and Ryota Murata, all desperate to test themselves against the world’s leading middleweight.

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Demetrius Andrade is another name mentioned, and Eddie Hearn, the promoter of the Providence man, believes Golovkin’s next fight will be in Japan.

“Gennadiy Golovkin is talking about fighting Murata in December,” said Hearn when questioned about Golovkin’s whereabouts on FightHub.

“I was quite vocal after the Andrade fight [against Liam Williams] where I just feel like that fight is there to get made with Golovkin and Andrade.

“We’re looking for that opportunity for Demetrius Andrade, but I think Gennadiy may end up, I know we’re only in May now, but September, October is going to come around quite quickly, and that’s when camp would start for his fight with Murata in December, so I think that’s the big focus for him. ” lso catch the live updates on

‘Canelo’ Álvarez y su team se han mostrado ambiciosos después de cada pelea y este año no será la excepción para el boxeador mexicano. The intensión es cerrar el 2021 en m cima del deporte. Ante ello, durante una entrevista, el tapatío deslizó una posible fecha para su retiro del ring.

“El objetivo es ser indiscutible en 168 libras y luego veremos. Creo que me quedan unos siete años hasta que me jubile, pero estoy escuchando a mi cuerpo y cuando me dice que deje de hacerlo, lo dejo ”, expresó ‘Canelo’ en diálogo con DAZN.

Enfocado en Saunders
La pelea entre ‘Canelo’ Álvarez y Billy Joe Saunders has despertado la atención de todos los amantes del Box. The accidentada previa y primer careo aumentó la expectativa y las apuestas. Ante ello, el mexicano reveló estar enfocado solo en el combate de mañana.

The orthodox boxer will have an inch advantage in height against the former world champion in Takayama. The latter’s 40-fight (32-8) experience can prove pivotal. However, the Japanese puncher, who is currently on a two-fight win streak, has fought only twice in the past five years. Thus, it wouldn’t be easy to grab the world title from Soto.

However, Cissokho’s precision and knockout ability can be an enormous factor in the fight. He has attained 8 KOs so far and comparing it against Conway’s 3 KOs, the French boxer comfortably remains the favorite. While Cissokho is yet to win a title in the pro run, his bout on the Alvarez vs Saunders undercard can change that.

6’4 ”tall Cuban boxer, Frank Sanchez, will put his undefeated record of 17-0 at stake against a veteran in Nagy Aguilera. The former will have a minor reach advantage over the latter in this bout.

However, Aguilera’s 31-fight experience can come in handy. He is 21-10 as a professional and is 2-1 in his last three fights. His win-loss ratio falters and going by the numbers, the 28-year-old Cuban is the favorite.

This can be another interesting matchup between two prime youngsters on their rise. Castro made his pro debut in December 2020 and re-appeared in February. He has won both the fights via KO and with a 2 ”height advantage, he is in prime position to go 3-0 on May 8.

Cojones. Or, in good German: eggs. Who wants to understand why Saúl Álvarez, who is only called Canelo because of his cinnamon-reddish hair and freckles, is currently considered the best boxer in the world across all weight classes and why the World Cup duel on Saturday in Dallas against Billy Joe Saunders is longed for by friends of the fist fight like no fight in years, which should deal with, at least the cliché, so important body parts for Mexican fighters. Cojones stand for bravery, determination, aggressiveness; but also very often, and not only in professional sport, for ignorance, arrogance and stupidity. And that is exactly what leads to Canelo Álvarez’s only defeat so far in 58 professional fights.

The boxing fight of life
The Battle of Life
The Thai boxer Loma Lookboonmee was already world champion – but ausgesorgt she had not. With a contract with the martial arts series UFC, she can fight for a living. A “Rocky” fairy tale in modern times.
By David Pfeifer
September 2013, Las Vegas: Álvarez competed against Floyd Mayweather junior; the best boxer in the world at the time and at the peak of his career at 36 Álvarez was a 23 year old, auspicious boxer who had defeated several notable opponents in the previous years; Even then it was clear: the future would be his. However, Álvarez wanted the present to defeat the best possible Mayweather for the first time in his career. Álvarez bravely marched forward and lashed out wildly – but he will probably never be as old as Mayweather made him look that night. Statistics usually don’t tell the full story of a fight, but in this case they do: Álvarez hit more often, but he only scored on every fifth attempt; Overall, Mayweather scored 115 more hits than Álvarez. Canelo was demonstrated.

“I no longer see the fight as a loss but as a lesson,” Álvarez said recently on Mike Tyson’s podcast; he learned: bravery and aggressiveness are important, but the most important part of a boxer’s body is the head. Álvarez broke away from the stereotype about Mexican boxers, which says that they always engage their opponents in wild fights with the aim of getting up one time more often than the other; the own precipitation is practically planned. Julio César Chavez became a legend: a chin made of iron, eggs made of steel. Mayweather’s message, on the other hand, is that you land more hits than your opponent by being hit as little as possible.

Álvarez, 30, has developed his own fighting style, it is, and one should rarely use this term: complete. He continues to box aggressively, so hardly wait, he has a lot of power in his punches, especially in his hooks to the body. But he also swings his head and body, so that it is now the opponents who keep seeing their blows flying into the void. (Canelo’s biggest weakness: his legs are not the fastest.) Álvarez is now adapting his strategy from round to round, reacting to his opponents’ tactics and demonstrating that he, at the age of 15, had his first professional fight had denied, behaved as intelligently in the ring as very few.

Álvarez showed his most mature performance to date last December against British super middleweight Callum Smith. It was 18 centimeters larger, had 19 centimeters more range, and one of the most dangerous left hooks in professional boxing; he went into battle as world champion of the WBA. Álvarez, however, danced, marched, waggled his head and torso and was therefore as difficult to hit as Mayweather was once for him; at the same time, he was likely to hit every legal square inch of his opponent. So he hit his left arm again and again with full force and thus took the strength from Smith’s hook. Shortly before the end of the fight, Smith himself pointed at his arm, it was a bow to Canelo’s strategy: You showed me off.

Álvarez’s knockout rate has dropped from 71 percent to 43 percent since the Mayweather fight, but he has hardly been in serious trouble since then – despite consistently facing opponents from the front row of boxing. He boxed against Gennady Golowkin, the toughest middleweight puncher, in 2017 and 2018; the draw in the first fight was perhaps still flattering for Canelo, but in the rematch he proved his courage: he put Golowkin in the middle of the ring, did not let himself be driven into the ropes, but rather exchanged blows; and because he was already commuting a lot back then, in the end he just won, but not undeservedly. Immediately afterwards, he was now the best marketable boxer, he signed a contract with the streaming portal Dazn, which guaranteed him 365 million dollars for eleven fights for the rights in the USA alone. In autumn 2020, after a violent legal dispute with the streaming service and its promoter Golden Boy, he agreed to dissolve this contract; the fight against Saunders is the last in which Álvarez is tied to Dazn.

Since the duel against Smith, he has been working with the British promotion company Matchroom, so far only with combat-related contracts; but he has already indicated that he has nothing against further cooperation. “What fascinates me about him is that he always wants to box the strongest opponent,” says Frank Smith, CEO of Matchroom, “he doesn’t just want to win, he always thinks of his legacy, of his place in boxing history.” That’s why Álvarez boxed Mayweather, that’s why he boxed Golowkin twice, that’s why he’s boxing Billy Joe Saunders this Saturday.

The big goal: To be the first to own all super middleweight titles
The 31-year-old Briton is considered the toughest possible opponent for Álvarez in the super middleweight division. Unlike Callum Smith, he is only five centimeters taller, but technically and tactically he is almost complete. He also humiliates his opponents by smoothly dodging blows, and he himself also hits hard and variably. “Billy Joe is the strongest physically opponent Canelo has boxed so far, it really is an incredibly even fight,” says Frank Smith, who works with Saunders with Matchroom. “But if you look at Canelos power and his experience, then maybe he has slight advantages.”

Saunders knows that he is the outsider, in fights on the so-called Cinco-de-Mayo weekend people should, according to the planned dramaturgy, celebrate a Mexican. At the first meeting in Dallas on Wednesday, the Briton showed how he wants to prevent that: He provoked Álvarez with trash talk, and that is probably his greatest chance: that Álvarez will get angry, too brave, too aggressive. But Canelo reacted (still) cool to the provocations, he wrote on Instagram: “Menos palabras, más acción”. Less talk, more action. He doesn’t think of a defeat anyway, he prefers to talk about the plan to box the American Caleb Plant in the fall in order to be the first to own all the super middleweight titles.

It is not megalomania that Álvarez thinks that way. It’s the healthy self-esteem of those who know that the nickname they got as a teased boy on the street is no longer an insult. They called him Canelo then.


May 8
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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