Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Big Green Umbrella Photograph Grant of Use Terms

Grants of Use

Big Green Umbrella Media may:

-publish the photograph in an issue of one of our publications (Cityview, Iowa Living Magazines, Iowa Pipsqueaks, Iowa Momentum, Relish Dining Guide and/or Annual Manual).

-publish the photograph any number of times in above publications.

– publish the photograph along with an article or as a stand-alone picture in any Big Green Umbrella Media publication.

– publish the photograph on any Big Green Umbrella Media web site or similar media.

Perpetual Grants of Use

I agree that the photograph, as well as any photos submitted to Big Green Umbrella Media at any time in the future, may be used for any of the grants set out above.

I agree, represent and warrant that:

-I am the owner of the photograph.

-that all of the grants of use I have given above include the right of Big Green Umbrella Media to publish my photo in any re-print of a publication including electronic media.

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Big Green Umbrella Media in any event any claim is brought against Big Green Umbrella Media by any person claiming that they have any right, title or interest in the photograph superior to mine or that I did not have lawful authority to grant the above permission and rights to Big Green Umbrella Media.