Thursday, December 9, 2021

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  1. Steven Zanvil Sawolkin says:

    It is somewhat painful, and somewhat amusing, to have watched the precipitous decline in Jim Duncan’s columns over the recent years.

    Long ago, in a column Tom Wicker wrote for the L.A. Times (with which Mr. Duncan is no doubt familiar), there appeared a risible observation, ungrammartical by Mr. Wicker’s mordant design, of Poppy Bush.
    I will pay homage to Mr. Wicker by adducing a variant of that line, substituting Jim Duncan for Poppy Bush, and some gawdawful old St. Louis Post-Dispatch writers for the other politicians Wicker used:

    “Jim Duncan thinks he’s some combination of Hunter S. Thompson and Johnny Apple, but in reality, we must suggest he isn’t even Elaine Viets, nor Bill McClellen neither.” [sic]

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