Saturday, October 1, 2022

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  1. Mark Gannon says:

    To the Editor,

    With the June 5 election nearly here, everyone’s choice for Iowa secretary of agriculture should be Craig Lang.

    He has a vision for Iowa agriculture that includes economic success for current and future family farms with a statewide commitment to land and livestock stewardship that strengthens local communities and improves the water we all drink and enjoy. He also has the experience and ability to carry out that vision to produce results like we have never seen before.

    Craig learned the meaning of hard work and stewardship on his family’s sixth-generation dairy farm that his great-grandfather started near Brooklyn and his two sons are continuing. In his tenure as president of the Iowa Farm Bureau, he got a good insight into Iowa challenges and has been meeting them head-on in a variety of leadership roles to make our state a better place.

    He is not seeking this position as the next rung up the ladder in a political career or a tool for special interests. He is not beholden to people who don’t love and value this state as he and his family does.

    Urban Iowans will appreciate his initiative and candor on how we can improve our environment while turning our rural economy around. He is uniquely qualified to put Iowa on a path that supports stewardship-based farming for all aspects of agriculture that are doing things right ‒ from smaller food-based operations to our largest farmers.

    As a founding member of a new non-profit called the Family Farm History Foundation, Craig Lang is dedicated to preserving the best of our past. More importantly, he is the one leader who will take Iowa agriculture and agribusiness into the future. That is why all Iowans should support Craig Lang for secretary of agriculture.

    Mark Gannon, Ames

  2. Lyle Luckow says:

    For several years I have had a running debate with State Senator Brad Zaun regarding the need for more traffic cameras and can rarely get any valid reason for his crusade to ban them. The point I try to make to he, the DM Register and the Iowa Department of Transportation is that the cameras are not just money grabs but are there to change Iowans’ terrible driving habits. Several months ago my comments were printed in the Register regarding a trip to Iowa City from Des Moines wherein I put my cruise control on 75 mph (5 mph over the speed limit) and was passed by 29 vehicles, many of them going at least 85 to 90 mph or more. On May 5, 2018 I made this same trip but not go all the way to Iowa City exiting I-80 at the highway 151 exit to the Amanas. Between Des Moines and Hwy 151 exit, less than 100 miles, I was passed by 37 cars while I had my cruise control set at 75 MPH. Again many of them were traveling much faster than I-terrific speeds.
    Remember SGT Ludwig of the Iowa Highway Patrol stating that many of our fatal traffic crashes are caused by excessive speed-many by some really terrific speeds? Terrific speeds like the 37 who passed me in less than 100 miles? When a person recieves a traffic citation, it most likely will change their driving habits. That is why we: you, me, our families, our friends and the general public need more of these devices to slow traffic, change drivers’ driving habits and make our interstates, highways and streets safer. Our lives depend upon it!

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