Friday, May 14, 2021

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  1. Gary Wilson says:

    Many American citizens have spun the tumblers on their nuclear launch codes and are focusing their political activist assaults against Donald Trump and his deadly crew.. Let us hope people also get lit up about the whole government leadership oligarchy, uber Republicans and elitist Democrats as well. The campaign contributors reveal the swell head bosses of both crews as merely the most loyal of Big Finance and Big Business employees. Democrats, either by some vestigial sense of guilt or social responsibility parse out minimal social programs that would be considered a joke in Canada or Europe. The Republicans of course offer up bromides about personal responsibility to those too sick, miserable, or hopeless to climb beneath the cracks they’ve fallen.
    When in office both political parties are extensions of social minded vipers like Goldman Sachs. Even the last president’s 2008 campaign contributions from G S were over nine hundred grand. Why weren’t the big bankers tried? Pleas. No politician bites the hand that feeds it.
    Dump Trump, his cohorts and send the old school Clinton/Pelosi/Reid out to pasture. Give them a bouquet of flowers, a handshake and “Thanks for very little.”

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