Sunday, October 24, 2021

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Making us all feel great again



Given the recent terrorist attacks — the nine church members in South Carolina last year and now a member of the British Parliament — shouldn’t we expect Donald Trump to call for a ban on the immigration of white supremacy advocates? And the deportation — to internment camps in Wyoming — of those who are here illegally?   Perhaps most importantly, I expect the Trump to put the correct label on this national security threat: radical Christianity. (There is) no doubt — like he and anyone who works at a Planned Parenthood facility would tell us — there are thousands and thousands of these shooters who have already infiltrated our society. Once we acknowledge the major threat posed by radical Christianity, our path to defeating them will be easy to identify and implement. Obviously, he can then propose that we simply need to carpet bomb the Vatican and waterboard the Pope. Surely that would make us all feel great again.

Bob Raker

Des Moines


Prep Iowa

Counting trees

Tom Sacco had a valid point in his letter to the editor, “My name’s neither Mike Rowley nor Rick Smith. What chance do I have to get a “Letter” published?” (June 16). Tom, you make me smile, and I love you like a brother, but if my memory serves me correctly, the last significant editorial offering you made was a letter to the editor published in The Des Moines Register several years ago. At the time, the State of Iowa was considering taking an inventory of all the trees in the state. You, Mr. Sacco, offered to help. I think you got up to a count of seven before stopping.

Go Maroons of 1976!

Mike Rowley


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