Friday, May 14, 2021

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Run, Bernie, run



Bernie Sanders has never been elected to office as a Democrat. Bernie Sanders has always won as a Socialist. Now is the time for all good Progressives to write Bernie and encourage him to run for president as a Socialist. Keep up the good fight. Run, Bernie, run!

Mark Wampler



Prep Iowa

Taking shots

Civic Skinny mentions that perhaps the Iowa Supreme Court justices might occasionally take “… not so veiled shots” in their legal opinions and dissents (June 9). Sometimes it is not so easy to pass up the chance when facts and actions paint such an easy target. A few examples by Cityview that come to mind are the constant reminder of the declining subscribers to the Register; reports of nepotism in the nomination of federal district judges; news of lawsuits involving apes, city trees, lawyers, the IRS and Central College; taste tests by reviewers that never took place; the husband (James Conlin) of a past Democrat nominee for governor (Roxanne Conlin) is suing the city of Des Moines (whose city council has been controlled by democrats for over five decades); buying growlers at a drive-through; Gov. Branstad’s job creation goal attainment updates;  politicians Chuck Grassley, Tom Harkin, Joni Ernst, Steve King, Bruce Braley and others all gave nothing — or next to nothing — to their own recent political campaigns; and the mounting legal lawyers fees to the state (taxpayers) fighting  ex-Commissioner Chris Godfrey. Maybe we can take some satisfaction that perhaps the justices are not all that different from many average citizens on social media. They just seem to have more extensive vocabularies and better proofreaders.

Mike Rowley



Grassley reserves a Supreme Court seat for Trump’s pick

The Brian Duffy illustration (June 9) exposes the risk of Sen. Charles Grassley’s decision to hold a seat on the highest Court in the land for a Trump choice. Trump’s racist rants calling Judge Gonzalo Curiel a “hater” because of his “Mexican heritage” should have drawn a sharp reprimand from Grassley, whose position as the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee has the constitutional responsibility to defend the independence of the courts, shield judges from political attacks and serve as America’s gatekeeper to seats on the courts.  Grassley was asked to comment on Trump’s racist attacks on the integrity of this outstanding and respected federal judge. He downplayed Trump’s outrageous blustering by comparing them to comments by Supreme Court Justice  Sonia Sotomayor. Grassley’s cavalier dismissal of blatant racism left legal scholars in disbelief. Grassley ignores the leading Republicans — Sen. Mitch McConnell, who called Trump’s assault on this judge “outrageous,” and House Speaker Paul Ryan who called them “textbook racist.” Grassley’s been in office so long he appears to have lost touch with reality. Grassley is currently running an ad showing a report card on his performance. He should add a category for competence with a big “F” for failure to do his job.

Rick Smith



Take a chance on me

My name’s neither Mike Rowley nor Rick Smith. What chance do I have to get a “Letter” published?

Tom Sacco

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