Friday, May 7, 2021

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The Party of Lincoln is about to crown a con artist



It’s certainly fascinating and very amusing watching the Republican Party attempting to justify, accept and unify around Donald Trump.  From the very beginning of the Trump campaign, most Republican leaders thought he was a joke and totally ridiculed his campaign. Romney called him a fraud and a phony. Cruz called Trump a “serial philanderer and pathological liar.” Jeb Bush referred to Trump as a loser.  Lindsey Graham compared a Trump candidacy to getting shot or poisoned. The National Review founded by William Buckley, the father of modern day Republican conservatism, called Trump a lunatic.  George Will, a long-time conservative writer for the Washington Post and a FOX news analyst, said Trump must be kept out of the White House.  Now many of these Republican leaders must eat their words. They are conveniently betraying and shedding their long-time commitment to conservatism and the constitution for one reason; to win. Most are willing to gamble, no matter how contemptible the candidate, in order to win the Presidency.  Republican Leaders falling in lockstep with Trump is proof that the Party of Lincoln has sold its heart and soul to a charlatan.

Rick Smith



Prep Iowa

Thank God for Gartner

I have been despairing of my lack of access to the weekly Civic Skinny column. Thank heavens it is back! Although we are on different pages politically  — probably in different books, maybe even different libraries — I hope when I get to heaven I am allowed unlimited access to the graceful, perfect writings of Michael Gartner.

Nancy Bunker

Windsor Heights


Who is the real non-American?

Donald Trump’s butler has called for the assassination of a sitting president and a candidate to that office. Assassination has not been a political tactic in nearly 50 years (Robert Kennedy) and was rarely used before it. Trump was one of the standard-bearers of the “birther” movement. Presumably he and such a close associate influence each other. Who is the real non-American?

Jeni Nosbisch

Des Moines


Only limits needed are term

Sen. Joni Ernst was quoted in Political Mercury.  Her quote tells us why many Americans feel the “establishment” system of both parties is broken. “I feel that I have been an influential member in the Senate, given that I’m a first year freshman,” she said. Voters aren’t looking for “fifth year seniors” for leadership. Most would prefer their elected officials to be  “one and done superstars.” When first-year freshman senators go in knowing they will have limited opportunity and influence, then maybe the only “limits” we need are term limits.

Mike Rowley


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