Sunday, May 16, 2021

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Republicans refuse to create jobs


It’s time for a pro-job agenda. In 2011 Rep. Paul Ryan presented a six-page plan to create jobs in which only generalities were presented, while President Obama had presented to the Congress a detailed plan to create jobs. House Republicans have repeatedly refused to create jobs by increasing funding for infrastructure. Flint, Michigan’s water crisis is a great example of how putting off spending on infrastructure ends up costing more tax dollars as well as endangering the general public. Republican leaders refuse to recognize those working class Republicans who are supporting Donald Trump because they want better paying jobs. They are mostly worried about their own finances and not the national debt that is largely caused by funding the military complex. Prosperity should not be defined as lining the pockets of the military contractors and the oil manufacturers. Pro-growth should include making public policy that increases the likelihood that every American has the opportunity to live above the poverty line.

Julie Stewart Ziesman
– Waukee

Republicans created Trump, now they’re stuck with him
The Republican Party leadership is in total denial over the Donald Trump candidacy. They refuse to take any responsibility for voters’ anger directed at their party.  Republican-leaning voters are angry because the Republican Party has deceived them for years. They have promised these Republican-leaning voters they would end abortion, stop same sex marriage, balance the budget, reduce the size of government and bring economic prosperity by giving tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans. They have campaigned to repeal Obamacare, deport immigrants, end political correctness and prove that climate change is a myth. Each of their goals has failed because they are either unconstitutional, irrational, based on flawed science, discriminatory or just plain nonsense. The Republicans’ reckless tactics such as shutting down the government, and their latest obstructionist refusal to hold hearings on the Supreme Court, have convinced Trump voters they aren’t capable of governing. The Trump voters’ message to establishment Republicans is “We no longer believe you, we don’t trust you and we are mad as hell at you.” So guess how establishment Republicans are reacting to that? They’re openly plotting to steal the nomination from Trump at the convention. If they execute that theft, they will totally destroy their party.

Rick Smith
– Urbandale

Senate has a duty to its country
They say those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. I wonder if, because of certain senators’ obstinacy, we will repeat Marbury v. Madison. If President Obama nominates an individual to the United States Supreme Court, and if those senators refuse to consider that nomination, are they opening themselves up to a lawsuit from that individual for refusing to perform their duty? If there is a new president who also nominates an individual, is the Senate obligated to consider the prior nomination — even of the previous president — before the nominee of the newly elected president?  If they fail to consider in order of nomination and were sued, and the nominated individual won, would we have 10 Supreme Court justices? It would be better for the country if the Senate would simply perform its duty, not to its own party, but to its country. If nothing else, go through the motions of consideration and disapprove on facts found, though that would be difficult to justify considering the elevation of Justice Clarence Thomas.

Prep Iowa

Jeni Nosbisch
– Des Moines

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