Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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A bonus for Bill Stowe?


What? Taxpayers have to pay Bill Stowe a $500,000 bonus? Why? He is doing a lousy job. The water rates are going to increase in April. I don’t think that is a coincidence.

Shirley MacDonald
-Des Moines

Trump is endearing but offensive
When in my early 20s, I was a member of a very outrageous theatrical shock rock band.  As typical guys in our late teens, we had the normal frustration and anger toward society and its institutions. Our lyrics and theatrics were all about offending and shocking. However, as a typical guy in a band, I did want success.  Record deals concert tours, money, fame, etc. We knew there was a part of the culture that would absolutely love what we did. On the other hand, as a thinking person I couldn’t help but wonder:  Can we really attract and endear people by being offensive? It seemed at best a challenge. I think that Donald Trump faces the same challenge and dilemma.  Sure, a percentage of folks just love it when he calls someone a clown or a loser or calls a woman a pig or is flippant and smart-alecky about a genuine war hero’s time in a prisoner of war camp. Do you really think anyone he insults, or anyone close to or associated with them, will actually vote for him?

Randy Kong
-Des Moines

Should Branstad be impeached?
Gov. Branstad’s arrogance of power has reached an unacceptable level with his unprecedented scheme to privatize Iowa’s $4.2 billion Medicaid program while ignoring the public’s concerns. Suggestions of impeachment of elected officials shouldn’t be taken lightly or proposed without significant cause. The Iowa Constitution defines the requirement for impeachment as an elected official guilty of misdemeanors or malfeasance. Malfeasance is defined as wrongdoing (an act in violation of a public trust). Have Iowan’s distrust of Gov. Branstad reached the impeachment threshold with his unilateral executive action on privatizing Medicaid? Is placing the health care of more than 560,000 of the most vulnerable Iowans in jeopardy an act of malfeasance? He ignores warnings by legislators, health care providers, advocates and the public pleading with him to postpone or slow this massive change? Branstad was warned to go slow on closing the two mental health hospitals, but he barreled ahead and the result was three deaths. Branstad is once again promising a smooth transition, but he was wrong before, and the CMS listening session on Tuesday suggests the privatization shift is pure chaos. The public’s total lack of trust in Branstad’s leadership suggests it’s time for the Iowa legislature to restrict his power.


Rick Smith

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