Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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Pathetic attempts to gain notice


The new Republican candidate strategy is to become even more obnoxious than Donald Trump in order to get media attention. The most savage comments to date came from Gov. Mike Huckabee in a pathetic attempt to gain some notice. He accused President Obama through the Iran deal of marching Israelis to “the door of the oven.” Huckabee was immediately criticized by people of both political parties for his comparison of Obama to Hitler. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton labeled Huckabee’s remarks as offensive. Obama, when asked about Huckabee’s comments, suggested this is part of a strategy by Republicans to use attention-grabbing attacks and “have become all too commonplace” in the U.S. However, Huckabee has succeeded in getting noticed by turning reckless. His vile comments have been the major topic in the media the past week. Cruz also said in regard to the Iran deal that Obama would be the biggest funder of terrorism. This shameful comment by Cruz has been largely ignored by the media simply because there is so much Republican hate speech it’s difficult to keep track. It seems the other Republican candidates are going to prove they can be just as repugnant as Trump.

Rick Smith


Donald Trump — a big ain’t not so!

My dad, C.P. Zielke, who practiced law in Highland Park in the 1960s and ’70s, had a saying he used at home for people like Donald Trump. He would call persons like that “a big ain’t not so.”

Prep Iowa

Referring to Douglas Burns’ “Modern Day Orson Welles” (Political Mercury, July 23) editorial, I realize Welles was attempting to put everyone on. Is that Trump’s purpose entirely? Is Trump trying to play games any way with the American public? Or, is Trump actually a serious candidate?

Recently, in a dream, I said to my husband Al, “Whose $20 bill is that on the counter?” He ignored my question for a short time, then picked the bill up, turned it over, smiled, and when he replaced it on the counter, it was a $1 bill.

Clearly he was telling me, “Often things are not as they appear.”

Mr. Trump has a history of enormous triumphs and also huge losses.

Mr. Trump stated that if Ivana were not his daughter, he would consider her as a person he would romance. Who really cares? He surely is not a person with whom I would entertain that thought.

His show he had was sometimes fun to watch. Maybe he should have continued with that past good experience and not try to swallow the whole cake.

I’d have a very difficult time accepting him, with his attitude, for my presidential candidate, knowing he just doesn’t seem to act right!

I, as a woman/voter, see him as a blowhard — “a big ain’t not so”!

Harriet Charlotte Hamilton
-Des Moines


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