Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Numbers don’t lie


Ninety years ago, Prohibition was a prevailing illusion. Today’s illusions are different. Law enforcement has broken down, especially at the top. Once again, so many in politics and the media cannot face the new age. Demographers estimate the total world population at about 200 million during the time of Jesus. It required until about 1800 for global population to reach 1 billion. It took just 130 years more (1930) for world population to double at 2 billion. In 1960, the number was 3 billion. 1975 saw 4 billion. Six billion in 2000. It leaped to 7 billion in 2010. It is expected that 8 billion will be the number in five to eight years. A sampler of a few countries that are typical of what’s out there: In the 1980s, the population growth rates per year were El Salvador, 3.5 percent; Guatemala, 3 percent; and Syria, 3.3 percent. The list goes on and on. At a growth rate of 3 percent, the population of that country will double in 23 years. At 4 percent, it will double in 17 years. At a 3 percent growth rate, if it could be sustained, the population would increase 19-fold per country. Such are the mathematics we are looking at. In the present day, world population is increasing at the mind-bending rate of 80 to 90 million per year. These are just some of the basic facts. Almost none of which are being discussed in the mainstream media. If the present rates continue, “one in every three people in the world will live in slums within 30 years.” So states The Guardian of London, citing a U.N. report done in 2004. Our country has an estimated 30 or 40 million unemployed. (It depends on who is counting.) The warning signs are all there for those who care to look. Poverty is increasing here.

Clifford Rushton
-Des Moines


Koch Brothers will dictate selection process for Republicans

The Koch Brothers, a couple of the wealthiest men in the world, announced they would be spending nearly $1 billion of their own money on behalf of Republicans in 2016. In April, Charles Koch in a rare interview, indicated he was considering throwing his money at candidates in the primary if they articulated a “good message.” Translate that to mean a message based on the Koch agenda. He identified five candidates that Kochs have chosen for having the right message: Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. If the Kochs decide to use their massive resources to promote one or more of these candidates, they could clear the Republican field quickly. So much for democratic processes and elections. The Kochs have demonstrated they have the financial power to buy the primary candidate of their choice with massive advertising and promotion (example: Joni Ernst). Beware, the “good message” the Kochs are requiring for Republican candidates to qualify for their money is based on the Koch agenda. The Kochs’ agenda includes more union busting, more tax cuts for the wealthy, eliminating the minimum wage and attacks on clean energy. That’s not a good message for Iowans or America.

CNA - Substance Use (Sept 2023)CNA - Stop HIV/U=U (September #1)

Rick Smith


Why the fuss over fireworks?

I don’t understand this push to legalize fireworks. Law already prohibits another activity, which is injurious to others’ personal property and bodies and is frequently alcohol-influenced, but no one is pushing to legalize operating while intoxicated. Nor is just anyone permitted to legally use that other form of explosive, a firearm. Fireworks are best — and really spectacular — in professional displays, and they are generally free to view. Why buy a few poppers to set off something dinky in your neighborhood where you may damage something or hurt someone? Thankfully the fireworks bill didn’t distract from anything important, like the budget, upon which our schools depend. If we’re going to allow dangerous liberties, at least we could educate people to exercise them responsibly.

Jeni Nosbisch
-Des Moines



CORRECTIONS: In our recent Cityview Summer Arts and Entertainment issue, the dates for the Metro Arts Alliance Jazz in July concert series were incorrect. Below are the correct dates and locations. We apologize for the error.


Jazz in July 2015

7/3 –Inseparable Banda Perla Del Sur at La Placita on East Grand and E. 15th

7/4 – Eric Thompson’s Fun Time Music Hour at Urbandale Lion’s Park, Urbandale

7/9 – Dave Rezek’s Alpha State Agents at Terrace Hill, Des Moines

7/10 – The Jazz Page at the Bondurant Trailhead, Bondurant

7/11 – Parranderos Latin Combo at Waveland Golf Course, Des Moines

7/12 – Freddy Gazzo Band at Sylvan Theater at Greenwood Park, Des Moines

7/16 – Paige Harpin Group at Wesley Acres, Des Moines

7/17 – High Society Big Band at Easter Lake, Des Moines

7/18 – The Nola Jazz Band at Evelyn K. Davis Park, Des Moines

7/19 – John Morgan Big Band at Centennial Park, Waukee

7/23 – John Krantz Quintet at Woodlands Creek, Clive

7/24 – The TTP Project at Copper Creek Lake Park, Pleasant Hill

7/25 – The Damani Phillips Trio featuring Sam Salmone at 6th Avenue and Washington, Des Moines

7/26 – Christopher’s Very Happy Band at Johnston Commons, Johnston

7/30 – The Heather MacLennan Trio at City Park, Norwalk

7/31 – Scott Davis Quartet at Beaverdale Park, Des Moines

8/1 – Betsy Hickok Group and The Tighten Up at West Glen Town Center, West Des Moines

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