Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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There are indeed are two sides of the coin


While others want to fight over who gets credit for the latest “best of” ranking and to brag nonstop about every single solitary thing, there is another part of the region, where jobs, homes and health care issues are primary day-to-do challenges. Rankings on the stylish neighborhood, tech hubs and startup rankings are not a top priority. As Timm estimates, 5,000 people are homeless, and much of the community looks the other way and pretends they don’t exist. Narcisse is correct — many are in denial and more focused on a projected image. Take away $15 million from mental health care (thank you Governor Branstad) and what do you expect to happen?

Jim Miller
-West Des Moines


Terror threats increase: House Republicans respond by defunding America’s defenses

In the latest hissy fit by the House Republicans, they have decided to punish President Obama for his immigration action by passing legislation to defund the Department of Homeland Security. Homeland Security is responsible for immigration enforcement, but it is also our first line of defense in protecting our borders, airport surveillance and port security. In light of the terror attacks in Paris and Belgium, we should be increasing security, not defunding and dismantling it. However, Republicans are so possessed with their hatred for President Obama they are willing to weaken America’s most crucial anti-terrorism department in order to express their dislike for this president. Republicans attacking the funding of our defense capability created as a result of the 9/11 attack is senseless, especially when Al Qaeda and ISIS have attacked targets in Europe and have threatened to bring their terror attacks to America. Doesn’t just the perception that Republicans are defunding the primary department responsible for keeping American safe encourage terrorists? Imagine how those terrorist organizations may recruit more fanatics to their cause by telling them Republicans are defunding America’s defenses? Democrats and the few moderate Republicans left in the Senate must reject the irresponsible House Republicans defunding legislation and show the world we are united in our defenses.

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa (Sept)

Rick Smith

The lawyer state

Civic Skinny informs us that there are about 9,000 lawyers in Iowa. Silly me, I thought we were the agriculture and insurance state. In regard to a potential “tax” of $100 per lawyer to go into a Legal Aid fund annually, the reported comments from lawyers were “… wretchedly bad idea,” “the slippery slope of other non-profit organizations requesting funding,” “impingement of free speech,” “please stop telling me what I must fund and support,” “If we provide this avenue of funding to this organization, they will end up being fat, dumb and happy,” “I find it rather insulting, this idea is tyrannical and anti-American,” and finally, “Where will this end?” I admit I don’t hang out with many attorneys, but I always assumed they would be a little more witty or quick with inventive verbal humor. Either I was wrong, or perhaps they just don’t think proposed new taxes are funny. Maybe we should hang out together.

Mike Rowley


Cartoonists should have been careful

Thanks for the interesting article on cartoonist Duffy, (Political Mercury, Jan. 15) however, I must comment on Duffy’s 2006 reprint cartoon depicting Islamic extremists throwing flammable rhetoric into flames labeled Cartoon Controversy. May I suggest that in light of the Paris killings, the cartoon could be reversed depicting these cartoonists throwing flammable rhetoric onto the Islamic extremists. Granted that violence is never an acceptable response, but just because one is protected by a Constitutional right doesn’t mean that one must test its limits and suspend good judgment if it leads to dire consequences.

Lloyd Kaufman
-Des Moines

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