Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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Good and hard


Reading Douglas Burns’ cautionary column (Political Mercury, Oct. 23) about the prospect of Joni Ernst actually getting elected to replace Tom Harkin reminded me of H.L Mencken’s assertion that “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it — good and hard.”

Mike Wellman
–Des Moines

Biggest spenders for Democrats

Civic Skinny informed readers that outside groups had spent more than $40 million on the Iowa Senate campaign. While the article clearly points out that “the money is almost equally divided between candidates,” only the biggest spender on Republicans was mentioned. I am sure it was an oversight, but just to be fair, readers might want to know the biggest spenders for the Democrats. It appears the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has spent $6,637,362 in Iowa, and the Senate Majority PAC has spent $3,282,946 in Iowa. The latter’s chief financier this year has been billionaire California environmentalist Tom Steyer.

Speaking of “evenly split,” what was up with the Civic Skinny format change? The normally one page cornerstone column is now split between two pages and bordered by ads for Cabaret Macabre and “Hump Day” drink specials. Is this some type of journalist centerfold?

Mike Rowley

Ernst’s quality of life

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

If Joni Ernst cares so much for life, it is hard to see what quality this life will have according to Joni’s views. Based on her stance, there will be no raise in the minimum wage federally or statewide. This means people will live on minimal standards of living. So people will probably need some form of “safety net” programs, such as the food stamp program. These important helpful programs under Joni Ernst and her Republican colleagues will probably be cut or destroyed. Already the conservatives voted to have $40 billion taken away from the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP). Social Security income of young workers will probably be privatized.

If Joni had her way, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), known as Obamacare, would be totally repealed and those implementing the ACA arrested. The hundreds of Iowans benefitting from the ACA, having health insurance for the first time in their lives; their children until the age of 26 years covered by parents’ insurance; and not being denied insurance because of preexisting conditions, to name a few benefits, would be thrown onto a confusing, costly, open insurance market going across states lines.

Our quality of our lives would be jeopardized without Environmental Protection Agency and regulations.

Iowans need Bruce Braley. Vote Democrat. Pass the word.

Kathleen O’Leary
–Des Moines

Obama’s good news

With all the focus on ISIS and Ebola, the public needs to be reminded of the amazing Obama economic “good news.” Forbes reports Obama has outperformed Reagan on jobs, growth and investment.

These facts should encourage every American about our economy.

Obama has reduced the unemployment rate by 4 percent to 5.9 percent with a record 54 straight months of private job creation.

The stock market has nearly doubled in value from the Bush crash low.

The big three U.S. automakers are leading in domestic sales with GM (saved by Obama) in first place.

The federal deficit has fallen at the fastest rate since WWII, a 65 percent reduction from the 2008 meltdown.

Home sales are up 13 percent and home values have rebounded by 16 percent.

Domestic oil production is at a 28-year high, and simultaneously we are setting goals to reduce emissions.

Renewable energy sources are growing at the fastest rate in history, solar at 34 percent in 2013.

Federal individual tax rates are the lowest in 30 years.

Are voters paying attention to the incredible economic achievements of President Obama and the Democrats?

Rick Smith

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