Friday, August 12, 2022

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Appalled by our poll


I want to tell you how appalled I am that you would include a poll with an option to “Shoot to kill” innocent people. The situation of people coming to this country illegally is not to be taken lightly. These are people looking for hope for a better life because of being persecuted in their own country. Since you have never experienced such a situation, it is easy for you to judge. I sincerely pray to God that you are never in a situation where you have to choose between life and death.

One reason why these people are leaving is because of greedy individuals who have set up their businesses in their countries. They have been made slaves to the work offered there, earning basically nothing. But again, it’s easy for you to judge because you have comfort, security and hope.

I like your paper, but after finding this content in it I will no longer read it. I will not accept this hateful propaganda or get lured into it! I also hope you apologize for such insensitive content. I would love to see advertisement for peace, justice, and love for the U.S. and the world.

Claudia Sheesley

Same old song and dance

At first glance, the Civic Skinny July 10 article’s mention of some of the items (such as term limits) in the Republican platform seem in direct contrast to the party’s long-term officeholders. Further scrutiny may imply hope that those active are not simply “rubber stamping” all that the incumbents’ demand.  Additional planks in the platform seem like sheer nonsense. However, without hearing what all the “gems” are in the Democratic platform, I am forced to wait on making any final voting decisions. I am sure the citizens of Iowa who read this kind of information chuckle with an air of intellectual superiority. Still, I wonder why those same citizens re-elect the same officeholders over and over, year after year.

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa
Mike Rowley

The July 10 Civic Skinny questions the extremely bizarre positions of Iowa’s GOP platform. One explanation for this wacky, out-of-touch platform stems from the continuing dysfunction of Iowa Republicans who remain at war with themselves. The war between the Branstad and the Paul Liberty wing has created unending chaos within the party.

This ongoing war within the Iowa Republican Party was ignited in part by the disastrous vote miscounts in the 2012 Iowa Presidential primary, which initially awarded Romney a win but then reversed the decision two weeks later and sheepishly gave it to Santorum. This stupendous and embarrassing blunder in such a basic skill was seen by the political world as unacceptable incompetence by the leadership of the Iowa Republican Party. Branstad’s wing of the party blamed the Liberty Paulinistas and vowed to flush them from leadership.

Branstad was successful in purging the Liberty folks from leadership by packing the January caucuses with his handpicked delegates. However, even bigger GOP blunders followed as the new Branstad insiders chose David Young, the fifth-place loser, over Brad Zaun, the voters’ first-place choice for Congress.

Republican Zaun’s comments following that vote theft summarizes the current status of the Iowa Republican Party: “They’ve lost their way.”

Rick Smith

Denial and delusion

I very much suspect we have a crashing case of lawlessness and lack of social responsibility happening in our nation. That situation is the global population explosion and its drastic effect upon our country. The media and politicians refuse to consider what is occurring in the real world.

It has become clear to many people that denial and delusion have become an “easy way out.” World population is now increasing at the rate of somewhere in the area of 80 to 90 million per year. This is an event which is unprecedented in the history of the world. World population will surely surpass 8 billion within the next six or seven years. Political, economic and population pressures will continue to intensify in the near future. Facing facts and enforcing the Rule of Law is not immoral and should not continue to be ignored.

Clifford Rushton
–Des Moines

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